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bone scan

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Because he was having some pain, I sent Jim to see our family doctor.

The doctor decided because of the location and Jim's description of the pain, a bone scan needs to be done.

Jim finished treatment for hypopharyngeal cancer last August. PET scans showed only residual hot spots.

Asking for prayers the scan shows something like good old arthritis and nothing more wicked than that.

And for both of us to be able to sleep tonight...

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We are in the same boat ... waiting for results of hubby 's biopsy. I know exactly how you feel. Big time prayers with you.



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Hugs, Myka.

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My prayers go out to both of you. Many hugs!

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all the happy thoughts I can


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It's tough waiting for news - any pull I have left with the powers that be is going towards good news for both hubbies.

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