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extremely anxious

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I am 6 day's post-op from my total thyroidectomy and lymph node dissection. I had an aspiration biopsy last month that came back "suspicious" for cancer. The day following my surgery, the surgeon told me that my lymph nodes looked inflammed and that I did indeed appear to have cancer growing in my thyroid and lymph nodes. He decided to not restart me on my levothyroxine in anticipation of me needing treatment with radioactive iodine.

I am recovering from surgery well, but I am feeling more and more hypothyroid. I have no energy, fatigue easily and feel generally "sick". I expected that. What I didn't expect is this overwhelming anxiety that has crept up the last two nights. I couldn't sleep last night and tossed and turned, feeling mildly anxious. Tonight I went to bed hopeful as I did not nap all day. After about 30min of being in bed I became more and more anxious. I can't lie there. I can't hold still. I'm tense and feel this compelling need to rock and wiggle my legs. Restless leg? I don't know. My head and brain are sooooo tired, but my body won't settle down. Any thoughts.

My endocrinologists office called me today to schedule an appt to come in to see her. I presume it's to go over the pathology report. I am going at 9 am tomorrow. I need a sedative.

-extremely anxious

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I had my TT & lymph node dissection on March 18th and my RAI on April 18th. I too had, and still have, all the symptoms that you complain about, and I also had night terrors that would wake me up when I did finally fall asleep. The restless leg part is something that I feel all day long and I wish it would just go away. But I know it is due to being extremely hypo and until my Levothyroxine dosage is correct I will continue to feel this way. Hopefully after your RAI you will start to feel better when you start your medicine again. I have said before that I think the surgery and cancer diagnosis were the easy part...the hard part is the after-effects of life without the thyroid. I'm curious what your doctor tells you at your appointment and if there's anything to ease the restless leg I would LOVE to know! Keep us posted and good luck!


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Hi Alicia. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have had a TT and will be going in for a right disection in July for a reoccurance.

I totally know what you mean...anxiety is an overpowering terrible feeling.

I can suggest to you to look into doing some relaxation techniques - they help a lot at night and can help you get to sleep.

One is deep breathing...put your hand on your stomach, and breath so you feel your hand move up and down. Only do this while lying down as it can make you dizzy and only do it for 10 breaths at a time. This is something you can do at any time when you are feeling axious, but make sure you are sitting or lying down until you get used to it.

One I like to do at night...lie with hands at side. Imagine that you are tightening your feet muscles, hold them tight and add your calves, then thighs, butt, stomach arms,neck, head....hold this tightness for about 10 seconds, then slowly release the tension starting in you head and going backwards down to you feet. You will feel really relaxed afterward and I find it nice to drift off to sleep afterward.

I would try this...it's very easy and may help you at night. I would also suggest to take a bath right before going to bed...try to be relaxed as possible.

Take care...hope this helps.


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