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Low Platelet count

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I went for my 5th Chemo treatment today but was sent home because my Platelet count was below 100 it was 96. I am just wondering if it is normal for your platelet count to go below 100. I am taking Carbo.Traxol and have had no side effects at all. The only thing that I have done different in the past week is to add one glass of red wine with dinner. Could that make that much difference in a week. It went from 200 on 5/15/11 then 128 on 5/22/11 to 96 on 5/30/11. all other blood counts are in range at this time.

I would like to hear from others that has had this happen too


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Chemo kills fast growing cells. It does not discriminate between good cells and bad (cancer) cells. Platelets grow very fast. Sometimes when platelet counts drop very low.... due to some medical treatment.... people can receive an infusion.

I donate platelets several times a year. Unlike whole blood which can only be donated every six weeks, platelets can be donated virtually every week.

As you take more and more chemo, your body is slower to rebuild platelet and white blood cell counts.... among others. It is not uncommon to get to your last couple of treatments and have to delay the last couple of treatments while your body builds up an adequate supply of these types of blood cells.

Enjoy your glass of wine.... that is not the problem. The taxol and carboplatin is what is doing it, and is to be expected.


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Thanks NayPaul for the info. I will enjoy the wine now LOL

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I also had carbo and taxol and experienced both low platelet counts AND low white blood cell counts.

In the case of the former, I was simply sent home so that the body could regenerate the platelets, normally for a week, and as NayPaul suggests, it is both typical and probably caused by the chemotherapy. With respect to the latter, I was given Neupogen (an injection) to promote white blood cell count growth and they would try to get me back in, again, within a week.

I considered these breaks from chemo mini-vacations, whether I should have or not, and you might consider doing the same.

Best wishes with your treatment and recovery.

Take care,


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