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More Good News

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We have more chemo tomorrow, started pre-meds today, Dexamethasone 8mg orally 2xdy. So far, so good. The new good news is, though, that my husband had a bizarre rash spreading over his chest that the onc. was totally baffled by...after his mental reaction I did a TON of research, and discovered all of the "weird" stuff was side effect of Levodopa toxicity. I pulled him down to half the dose, and even the rash disappeared completely. Why the Doctor$ couldn't figure this one out is beyond me...if he had stayed toxic the next phase was renal failure followed by death...GRRRRRR. Blood count tomorrow should show me if I stopped it in time. I'm so thankful I quit work to care for my honey...if I'd been working, I might have lost him completely. As much as I may gripe about never having a minute to myself, I'm glad I've been home to care for him. With his amazing response to his Levodopa being reduced, I don't feel nearly as overwhelmed and frustrated as I used to. He's almost completely back to his old ornery self, and I am so damn thankful to have him back :D

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it's all in the little stuff isn't it? glad you caught it - keeping the happy thoughts coming :)


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The little stuff always ends up leading to the big stuff. Also, tenative dx is now, Squamous Cell Carcinoma (primary cutaneous) with local mets. Not the worst thing possible.

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Good for you!!! That is awesome you investigate on your own. Did you take a picture of the Doctors' faces when you told them their error? Sorry, I can't control my sarcasm. Heehee. But seriously, way to go! I will keep you in my prayers.


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I am super glad to hear your husband is doing better and that you got more good news. You're doing a fantastic job of being his advocate; he is very lucky to have you. I hope cancer gets its butt kicked; best of luck and many prayers.

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