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I had radiation to the chest area for 7 weeks for a tumor in the right upper lobe, as a result there is a lot of scar tissue left behind. My Oncologist states that scar tissue expands and contracts over time, which poses the question as to the accuracy of the ct-scan readings in the ability to detect any new tumors or metastasis that might be hiding behind this scar tissue? Has anyone here had the same concerns, or is there another form of testing other than ct-scans. Would appreciate any and all input.


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    Same concerns
    Yes, I certainly have them, especially after my last scan (regular chest X-ray only). The guys who read the X-rays before passing them on saw something new on the right side and recommended pushing my July-scheduled CT scan ahead, but my onco is interpreting it as radiation damage, and therefore not worthy of immediate concern (i.e. CT scan will go off on schedule). He actually used the wording "no sign of cancer."

    I guess based on that, I'd conclude that they believe they can tell the difference between radiation damags and something of more concern with a CT scan, but less so with a chest X-ray.