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Liver Lesions

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I am not sure anyone can help me, but I will ask a question. I had a partial nephrectomy 7 months ago. It was a Stage 2 RCC. I recently had a CAT scan which showed up a liver cyst and a few liver lesions which are stable and were noticed in the scan last June. My doctor says don't worry, we just keep an eye on it. But as we all know don't tell us not to worry. Can anyone explain liver lesions. Why do we get them and I am sure then can turn to cancer? This scan was run by my internist this time.

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This question is over my head and I think most cancer patients, too. You need to sit down with your doctor and put your question directly to him. Don't feel like it is a silly question, because there are no dumb questions, but just dumb answers. And for your doctor to say,"don't worry" is a dumb answer. He needs to be more complete in his explaination of those "lesions" . I would want to know what they are , too! Good luck.

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First, I want to say that I am very sorry for what you've been going through. I hope you've been recovering well from your surgery 7 months ago and getting your strength back. I am a bit alarmed at what your internist told you. I've never heard of a doctor saying to just keep an eye on liver lesions. I urge you to seek another opinion. What state do you live in? Do you live anywhere near Maryland? Hopkins is a great hospital, please consider going there or another well known hospital. I'm surprised the doctor didn't mention anything about a liver biopsy? For your own health, its best to get another opinion. The liver is a main organ and nothing to treat lightly.



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My husbands case is very unusual.  He acquired mycobacteria bovis infection ( bovine tuberculosis) during BCG treatment for bladder cancer (cured).  During testing for the TB infection, which was widespread in the lungs he had a routine MRI that showed a 6 cm LESION ON TH LIVER.   Because the TB infection may spread thought the system he had a liver biopsy.  The biopsy (2010) concluded that the lesion was granulomatous, and probably related to the bovine TB infection. No sign of cancer.  After 2 yrs of treatment for the TB, and incedental Aspergillis infection in the lungs,  he was confirmed clear of the disease in June of 2012.  A CT scan at that time showed the previously biopsied LIVER LESION HAD SHRUNK TO LESS THAN 2 CM.  DURING A ROUTINE CHEST X-RAY IN JAN 2013, THE LESION APPEARED AND HAD GROWN AGAIN TO 8 CM!  THE BIOPSY IN FEB DIAGNOSED WELL DEFINED HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA.  WHEN RESECTION WAS DONE APR. 18, THE TUMOR WAS 10.7 CM.  He had no indications of cancer in any lab tests, and no symptoms, except back aches with exertion ( the docs claimed it was not related to the cancer).  They were SO sure that it would not be a cancerous lesion.  Thank goodness they didn't wait and watch!

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