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Swellig of Mouth, any suggestions?

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I am 6 mo post treatment for stage 3 tonsil with lympnodes removed. Healing seems to be going as well as expected with the usual side effects many of you talk about on this board. The real problem I am having is swelling of the mouth,and throat. THis comes and goes, but yesterday it started and never seem to subside. Today it is still here. It feels like my jaws, throat, tongue, is all swolen like someone had a bee sting. No other swelling in my hands feet etc, so i have to think it is related to the radiation or C? You can see inside my mouth the swelling of the tongue and my inside cheeks look like a squirl storing nuts for winter. Cant see much of my throat due to the swelling of the tongue and cheeks, but it also feel like it is swolen. Even the outside of my neck is sore to the touch where I had the most radiation blast me, like it might be swolen. Anyone else experience this sinsation? Any suggestions on what could help the swelling? I see my ent again June 6. I am hoping this is just a side effect of the radiation and nothing more. But it is annoying more than painful right now. Thanks for any advise anyone might have.

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All of these are fairly common, even after several months.

But, if you have concerns and/or just need a little reality and re-assurance check, schedule an appointment with your ENT... I visted mine frequently for the first year or so. Even now, I see him about every four months.


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