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Help need advice for specialists in area Ft Laud

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Recently diagnosed with bladder cancer after exploratory surgery was told they would have to remove bladder and prostrate. Went to referred urologist in Boston for second opinion and he was told they couldn't find any cancer. I need a reputable specialist in the area of bladder cancer here in S Florida to get the truth about what is going on?

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Hi daddyo69:

Wow, now that's just weird to say the least !!! Hard to believe that you could get such polar opposite opinions, in such an important situation. There surly are ways they have to determine whether someone has cancer or not, including your exploratory surgery, cystoscopy with biopsy, blood work, CT Scan, etc., etc., etc. My best suggestion to you would be to go to a 'teaching university hospital' near you and try to speak to the head of urology. They seem to have the most knowledge and experience in this area. Then, if needed, have the surgery and count your blessings, as it is a life saving surgery. But with that said, it is also a 'life changing surgery', (possibly with the bag), so must know the TRUTH prior to making such an important decision.

I myself had my bladder removed on June 30, 2010, so I know what I'm talking about. I was experiencing many symptoms prior to my surgery, such as blood in urine, burning when peeing, pain, testicle pain and swelling, etc., etc., etc., but with that said, from what I understand you don't have to experience any of those symptoms, and still have bladder cancer.

If your bladder and prostate needs to be removed, then so be it and you will be fine. But if not, then DON'T DO IT. Get to someone who knows what they're doing.

I wish you well and if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to bring them on. There are many good and knowledgeable mentors on this forum to assist you.

C U,

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Fran Chandler
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I would try to get a consultation with a Urology Group at Moffitt Hospital in Tampa, Fl if you can. I had my Kidney removed there and four months later they found bladder cancer. My Cancer Journey I call it started in October 2009 and I am still here so far. I really have a lot of faith in the hospital even tho at times appointments can be late, but they are a good group of people.


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I'm hoping you can help me. My dad was just diagnosed with bladder cancer and lives near Tampa and we are trying to get him the best care possible. I see you suggested Moffitt in Tampa. Could you tell me more about your experiences there and if possible recommend a particular doctor that you know of. I appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks so much.

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