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Pregnancy after chemo

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Ok ladies, I know that this is a question for my doctors, but I would like any insight you guys have.

I am 30 years old and will be starting TAC soon, I will find out have many rounds on Tues. My questions is if any of you were able to or know anyone who was able to have children after chemo. I have 1 daughter who is 2, but I would like more children. I know that egg harvesting is an options, but I do not have that kind of money. Any insight would be appreciated. I'm very scared!!

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Hi there.

You may want to look at this information and then speak with your doctor...




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Marcha Louise
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My daughter was diagnosed with hodgkins disease at 19 and pregnant with her first child. They took the baby 6 weeks early and then started chemo a week later. The Dr.s told her she would never have any more children. Low and behold she became pregnant in 2000. He is 10 now, he has a problem with his trachea but for the most part is doing well.

It can happen.

Hope all goes well for you

Marcha Louise

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Your physicians about this...it's an important question they should be prepared to answer...I do know someone who had ovarian cancer while in college...she had one ovary and fallopian tube removed....she then had chemo..skip to the present....she has two biological, teenaged daughters....13 and 16...

I wish you the best!

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My friend had chemo at age 32, got married and had two children. her doc called it the estrogen stress test. He was not thrilled she got pregannat, but she did fine and has two healthy teenagers. She is almost 20 years out!

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My cancer was estrogen possitive, so my doctor told me that it would be a bad idea to get pregnant. I told her that since my husband also had a vasectomy, that I agreed :)

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Here is a site with other young woman who might have some info for you.


It's the under 40 group.

Good luck!

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When my Hodgkins Lymphoma recurred during my pregnancy, I was treated with ABVD chemo after giving birth. I was 33. I had another daughter after the chemo when I was 36. They are 15 and 18 now!! I am 3 yrs out from a double mastectomy from breast cancer, the result of radiation treatment for Hodkins Lymphoma.

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My friend was also estrogen positive, had a 5cm tumor and 2 nodes.

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I was 39 when I got pregnant 4 years after having AC chemo. I had only on ovary as well. We went to a fertility specialist who told us we had a less than 3% chance of conceiving with my own eggs, due to my "advanced" age (gee, thanks) and the "unknown" affects of the chemo. The dr. recommended using donor eggs. Well, we didn't have 20 grand sitting around and we didn't believe that using donor eggs was an option for us (personal&faith reasons), so we did a LOT of praying and trying and just gave it over to God.

We were blessed about 5 months later! I did do a lot of reading about what natural supplements/vitamins I could take that supposedly help with your ability to conceive. I also did acupuncture to stimulate the ovaries. I truly believe all of that helped. Along taking care of your body by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

So...regardless of what the "experts" tell you, the truth is no one knows except God! Keep positive, keep your body healthy and of course keep trying! :)


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