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Memorial Day

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This is the second big holiday to pass without Patrick here. In this house, St. Patrick's Day does count as a major holiday. As the unofficial start to summer, for the first time ever I'm having a barbeque. Everyone that is coming knew my husband and most of them weren't at his service in February (has it been that long already??)

This is the start of summer and a goodbye to the house as I will hopefully be moving soon after. I'm hoping the insurance company will stop screwing around with me by next week.

Anyone else have plans for this weekend?

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Jimmy's headstone and mine will be placed on our tombs tomorrow. I will be putting the first bouquet of fresh flowers to honor MY Hero! Plans to feel numb all weekend.

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My husband, son and I always went to the Memorial Day Service in the town where we live. It's a very nice service, and they will mention my husband. - I just don't know if I want to be there. Somehow, I just feel like getting lost somewhere in the world on Monday.

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Hi April. I thought everyone knew that St Patrick's Day is a major holiday. At least most of our friends always celebrated it (Irish or not). Hard to believe that it has been that long since Patrick passed (and Mike a month ahead of him). I hope you have great weather and a great time with the barbecue; it really sounds like a good plan.

And here's also hoping that the insurance company gets squared away for you; just does not seem right to have to be waiting what can seem like forever. Will you still be living in NY and near the same area?

Plans for this weekend are:
Bottling wine in the morning (my family makes about 8 different kinds for family/friend consumption - dryer wines like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Grigio, etc.).
Then it will be cutting the grass, tilling the garden and planting it, a bike ride (road bike - pedal kind) and ???? on Memorial Day. Undecided if I will go to the picnics on Monday I was invited to as I am currently feeling down and don't want to be "Debbie Downer" to my family and friends on the holiday.

Have a nice weekend.

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I'm staying in NYC - it's home. The insurance company has been giving me fits for a while now. grrrrrrr. Some people don't think St. Patrick's is a holiday, or if they do it's just for fun. Not in my Irish house.

Thinking of a number of people this weekend - service members, past and present, and those who have gone before.

If I can still smile by Monday night I'll consider this weekend a victory in a big way.

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It was a rough week, moving my office and saying goodbye to memories of me and Frank (we met and worked together there for 11 years). Trying to keep myself busy...unfortunately I have to work tomorrow to unpack my stuff in my new office, but honestly I don't even mind, it will pass the time. Sunday I'm spending with some girlfriends at my friend's new house, and Monday, if I don't have anything to do it will be ok, I'll catch up on everything I didn't do around the house the other 2 days. I'm really just going through the motions, but it beats sitting around moping (something I can be very good at doing).

April, enjoy your BBQ and time with friends. I hope everyone has a good memorial day weekend, no matter how difficult it may seem.


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A hard day for many including myself. My husband would drive my Dad's convertible in our small hometown parade decorated with flags and banners as my two brothers-in-law sat in the back in full military uniform...all four of those guys loved tossing candy to the kids as they drove by. My sisters, all the kids and I always stood in the same spot to cheer them on as they rounded the corner onto the main street. We were near the bridge where a flag was tossed into the cove to float out to the Atlantic in memory of all those who gave their lives for our country. I dragged out the flags, went to BJ's and bought six bags of tootsie rolls to toss to the kids along the parade route but this year my husband's body rests in the cemetery that the parade finishes at instead of driving the car...my nephew now has that honor. How do I stand on that corner waiting for the car to round the corner?
I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend. Elizabeth

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