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OVCA Vaccine Trial (FANG™) in Dallas

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My wife is looking into this trial after her Taxol maintenance regimen concludes this Summer. I don't know if MD Anderson kept a large enough sample of her tumors.

Do any of you know if it is common practice to "ice" the tumor specimens after surgery?

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I was able to get glass slides from the hospital where my surgery was done, but I don't believe they saved anything larger.

I have read about this trial with interest, since I live in the Dallas area. I had already started a different vaccine trial in NYC, however.

Please let us know what you find out.


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I resuscitated this old post to ask: has anyone participated in phase 2 trial of cancer vaccine FANG made of your own tumor cells for recurrence prevention?

I emailed Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center in Dallas yesterday to ask if I am eligible. I also contacted pathology department of the hospital where I had de-bulking. Hopefully they archived large enough specimen. To manufacture vaccine at least 30gr of cancerous tissue (a golf ball size) is required. Then they give you 12 monthly injections that according to their phase 1 are safe and cause no side effects.



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Good Morning,

I hope this email sees you well.

Unfortunately, this study does require that we make the vaccine out of fresh tissue, that being said you would be ineligible for the study at this time.

Being that this study is now in phase 2, the study was designed to acquire tissue at the time of the initial debulking surgery. So typically quite close to the time of initial diagnosis. The processing of said tissue begins in less than 24 hours, to ensure cell viability. The vaccine then undergoes production and quality assurance checks for 4-6 weeks. All the while, the patients receive their adjuvant chemotherapy. If after the completion of the chemotherapy they meet all of the eligibility criteria you elaborated on below, then they can move forward to receive the vaccine that was generated for them.

We do appreciate your inquiry. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any additional questions.

We wish you the best of luck on your treatment search.


Meghan Degele

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So that pushes a lot of us out that did not know about this. I had my surgery October 2, 2012 and my doctor never told me about this study.  What do they do, inject you cancer cells back into you. If that is what they do I am not sure I would want that done.

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