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First MRI Since Radiation Ended

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Alicia 51
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Hi Everyone -

Just wanted to post the results of my husband, Jerry's MRI results. We just got the results from his first MRI since his Radiation Treatments ended on March 31st. Monday we went to his Neurosurgeon and he told us that he can't say 100%, but he is about 90% in remission at this time. He also told us that he didn't see ANY NEW GROWTHS AT THIS TIME!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!! Jerry has another MRI in about 3 months to help keep a check on him.

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That really is something to be thankful for! I am praying myself for the same results, although my treatments have not begun yet. My diagnosis is new and we just got the results of the biopsy couple of days ago. It has been six months of testing and extreme weakness/deficit on my left side to get this far. At least now we know what we are fighting: is a glioblastoma.

My first appointment with oncology is next week and I pray my results are as good as yours.
Congratulations and God bless!
Paul in San Diego

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That is great news . My sister gets her first post treatment MRI next week. So scared....

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Today is the day. Its here time for that first MRI. Very scared, she is scared too. Dont know if they will tell us today, or call her in or give that news on the phone. Going to be holding my breath...praying lots.

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The oncologist told us the first MRI after all the radiation and chemo doesnt' really show too much because of all the damage the radiation and chemo does. The second MRI would give them more information.

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my daughters 1st MRI showed signs of new growth, I hope you her good news. I know how terrified I get every 3 months, just waiting for the results. My daughter and I get so much anxiety that our pcp gave us Atavan to take before her MRI's. I will pray that you hear the news you have been hoping for

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