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Uncaring Doctors

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I had my scan done the week of the 9th of May, they scheduled me with a PA at my Dr. office to get the results back on the 18th. I had requested to see my Dr. as it was supposed to be the last time since I had moved to Florida and was transferring my info there. The first appointment was August 1st with the Dr. They wouldn't tell me anything over the phone regarding my labs or the scan. My Dr. in SC that referred me there in the beginning and my primary Dr. in Florida both requested the records on the 19th. They denied the request from my FL Dr. due to the request not being signed by me. They sent my records from Dec. 2005-2010 to my Dr. in SC. They told me yesterday that they didn't have the dictation finished so they couldn't send it out. They told me they had everything on the 18th, but now they don't. I really feel like they are playing and stalling on purpose. They also cancelled my appt. in August since my records were being transferred to Florida. I have been on vacation with my husband and son and have felt it hard to enjoy myself with this black cloud of wonder how my tests turned out hanging over my head....

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all I can think of is and they expect you to pay them money to see them...

Lucky for me most of my medical recoard is electronic (with a hard copy as well) so even if my hard copy is not there they can at least pull up all the labs/doctors notes/scans electronicly and we can discuss them then...

I can not believe it is taking so long .. I had my scan on the 5th (finished at 10:30am) and my Endo then saw me at 1:30pm and he had the entire report plus the scan itself so we could look at it.

Sorry i just dont know what to say... good luck and hope they tell you something usefull soon.


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I am so sorry you are dealing with this.

Let me tell you how I have gotten around that same situation.

My husband used to be a consultant which meant that we moved every 3-4 years from state to state.

What I would do is create my own "Release of Patient Information" form, making sure that I asked for ALL records, including tests ordered and results of those tests, scans, surgeries, medical interventions, office visits, prescriptions ordered, the works. I made sure to include the specific doctors, labs, technicians, etc. that it was relevant to (separate one for each doctor) and asked for all the information to be mailed directly to my house.

Something many people don't realize is: Your medical records are your property. You have a right to see them ON DEMAND, no questions asked. You are allowed to request that those same records be sent - on demand - with a signed Release whereever you choose to have them sent to: your house, your doctor, etc.

At the bottom of the Patient Release Form that you create, make sure you include your attorney's name (i.e., CC: Allan Friedman, Attorney, CC: File Copy, CC: Dr. John Smith, etc.) I also make sure to note in the Release that these records are expected by a certain date and if they are not received by a certain date that I will make sure my attorney handles everything from that point forward. Also, call ahead and find out if there is a fee or charge to make copies or for sending your records and pay the fee with the Release of Information Form that you send them.

Good luck. I hope you are able to get your records quickly. I also agree it is nice to have your records electronically so the docs can just pull them up whenever they need them but that doesn't usually help you if you are moving out of state and are using different docs and insurance companies.


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Just to answer some peoples questions before they get into an argument with there doctors

In 1996 the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed. Although from the name you would think it just deals with health insurance, this long, rather complicated law also addresses issues of privacy and rights to medical records. Tucked deep within the act, your individual right to your medical records is detailed:

You have the right to see your “chart” or medical records in your doctor’s office.
You have the right to a physical copy of your medical records.
You may be charged a reasonable cost-based fee for copying your records and postage if you request them to be mailed.
In most cases, the copy must be provided within 30 days. That time can be extended for another 30 days but you must be given a written statement explaining the reason for the delay and the date by which your records will be provided.
Under certain circumstances, there is some health information that your doctor may not be required to give you. If you are denied access to any part of your medical records, you must receive a written explanation of the basis for the denial and your rights to have the decision reviewed.
You have the right to request that any errors in your medical records be corrected or missing information added. If your doctor does not agree with your requested changes, you have the right to have your disagreement noted in your records.
Before you decide to assert your rights and spend your money for copies of your medical records, here are a few additional thoughts and tips to consider:
Most doctors will send your records to a new doctor with no charge as a professional courtesy.
When your doctor tells you the results of your lab work, ask for a copy of the report while you’re in the office. Often they’re happy to give you a copy at no cost.
If someone on your doctor’s staff tells you they’re not allowed to give you a copy of your records, usually politely asking them to review the HIPAA regulations will do the trick. (Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’re new and don’t know the law.)
If you find what you feel is an error in your records, only you can decide if it is a serious enough error to be worth insisting on a correction or addition.
While it can be a fair amount of work to gather and maintain a complete file of your medical records, there’s something to be said for making the effort. I have a good friend who has fibromyalgia as well as some other health challenges. She religiously obtains copies of all her medical records, tests and lab reports. She organizes them in a large notebook that she takes with her to every doctor she sees. On more than one occasion she has saved waiting time and the need for a second office visit by providing the doctor she was currently seeing with records another doctor had forgotten to send.
Ultimately, whether or not you want a copy of all of your medical records is completely up to you. Whatever your decision, at least you know your rights.


http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/ <--- website for all the info

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Hi Lynne,

So... the idiots in the office is where the real problem lies. Maybe you should request the records to be copied, given to you and then you can hand deliver or mail them certified return receipt requested to the new doctor. Sometimes this is the easiest way. I really don't understand why this is so hard. I request this for patients all the time and it's a fairly simple process. There is even a company that will go into medical offices and do it for them. Electronic Medical Records are the new way of doing this. Many doctors are now changing over to this type of system which makes it much easier for all health care providers to access the information they need.

Unfortunately not all doctors and facilities are on this type of system. Craig was lucky that his providers are on the ball. As far as not having the dictation......OMG! This is something that can be done right after your appointment and very well should have been. There are programs such as MD Dictate that a doctor can speak into a microphone, the computer types and prints it "on the spot" and then the doc moves on to the next patient. It's unbelievable to me how stupid some of these old fashioned offices/doctors are. They just can't get with the times. Wake up and smell the 21st century people.

I feel your pain. I know this is bull crap to have to deal with especially on top of an illness. I guess I just helped you rant; but in any case, maybe you will get some gratification from my feeling your pain too. Stop thinking about it and enjoy your vacation. It won't help you or anyone else to worry about it. Just get it worked out when you get home. Enjoy yourself and remember worrying won't help but venting for a minute does, then let it go.

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It has now been 13 days since my written records request was submitted by another Dr. to Carolina Health Care In Florence South Carolina. I have consulted an attorney who is family and stated the best thing I can do is "bug" the office manager daily to get the records sent. I called Thursday, and was told they would send them all by Friday afternoon, this has not yet been done. I waited and called today they said they were sent, my Dr. said they never got them. They are supposedly being sent today, but I really believe they are giving me the run around. My Dr. is in SC, I now live in Florida. I would have gotten them, but I am the care taker of my 85 year old father who has alzheimers and I had to get back to Florida. I am going to sign another request from my primary physician today so he can request them. I am so frustrated and starting to wonder if I shouldn't let him refer me to an endocrinologist here and repeat everything. I am trying not to worry, but I know my synthroid levels probably need adjusting and I have alot of questions that were unanswered due to the fact that I couldn't get in with my endo while I was in SC.

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The receptionist just called me who finally received my records and said my scan looked good. The Dr. hasn't reviewed anything, but they said my bloodwork will need some adjustments made. They will send my records to my Dr. in Florida today....:)

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I am glad they got there head out of .....

I am also glad that your scan looks good.

I made a new post Medical Recoard Madness that i was origianlay going to post on this thread but I didnt want it to get lost in alot of other responses.

be sure to get your own copy of all of your recoard so you limit the problem with recoards in transit.


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