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I am 22yr old and a ALL survivor

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I was diagnosed with ALL leukemia at the age of 15. I am 22 years old now and i am looking for someone to talk to about it. This is my 4th year cancer free in July. I do not have any friends that have had the same thing as me so no one around me really knows what its like. I'd like to talk to someone that has been through it around the age i have and is close to my age or older. Maybe talking to someone i can get a better understanding and learn more. I've been going through some tough situations.. (survivor guilt, after effects..etc)
If you are younger and need someone to talk to i am willing to help and talk as well.
My email is afoxdattalkz@hotmail.com (my sister made that email when i was in middle school so its silly) hope to hear from someone soon :)
i have one thing written in my blog from a post i replied on if you are interested.

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hello my name is alex. since my fiance and i have been dating she has told me she has had leukemia but we have not talked about it in detail. she says her back gets really sore and she gets headaches. we have made plans to talk more about it because she had some volunteer work to do at a summer camp. i am feeling very lost and scared and was just wondering what kind of support can i give her to make it easier on her. i want to be there for her and i just want to let her know. im really scared and would appreciate any advice u have. thank you. have a good day

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Hi there,

I'm 22 years old now and have been cancer free since 2006. I've been experiencing a lot of panic attacks and the feeling of a really "tight throat" separate from the panic. The panic attacks have resolved quite a bit but this throat tightness is driving me crazy!! Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I've heard a bit about celiac disease and the tight throat feeling being induced by intense illness or stress but I dont seem to have symptoms

If anyone has any experience or information i'd really appreciate any help.


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