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Quick question, what is the difference between being diagnosed with NSCLC stage 3A versus 3B? I thought I understood the difference until I recently read new material... and now i'm not so sure.
Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks, and hope all have a wonderful and safe Memorial weekend!

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I have been diagnosed with 3b lung cancer. From what the oncologist and surgeon told me yesterday 5/25/11 is, 3a is operable and 3b is not. However, the surgeon I met with yesterday said he may be able to remove the whole lung but wants to wait and see how the chemo and radiation shrinks the tumor. It's 9.3 cm now.

Like you, I am a little confused about the difference. He also said it was 3b because it is also in the lymph nodes in my chest.

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It has to do with size, location, and spread, I believe. There are some good sites on the net where they grid it out and explain the different factors they use.

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