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i pushed my dad to go for a biopsy, will i regret it?

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hi everybody,
last month my dad PSA was 13 and the doctor felt that there is a hard lump in his prostate, the doctor asked him to go for a biopsy but my dad didn`t agree and said that he will see another doctor,
i did a lot of research in th internet and found that biopsy is necessary, so i spoke with him and asked him to do it for his best, so he did it and the result reveald that he has prostate cancer gleason8.
now i start to read that biopsy can spread cancer this is why there is recurrence of prostate cancer after treatment, a doctor said that once they put the neddle in the prostate there is small hole where the cancer cell can spread.
i don` know what to think. this is the video i have watched http://vimeo.com/6625982

, any answers will be helpful


hopeful and opt...
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Good that your father has had a biopsy.....now he knows where he stands, and can seek appropriate treatment, which needs to be your main concern.....don't worry, the biopsy will not spread cancer...best

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You did the right thing for your father in encouraging him to get a definite resolution regarding his PSA and the lump on his prostate. While there may be some small risk in spreading the cancer with biopsies (Hopeful and I disagree somewhat on this...), the potential downside is far outweighed by the positive information you know have which will enable you to make informed decisions on how to treat the cancer. There is no other way to positively diagnose prostate cancer other than with a biopsy so you did the right thing for your father.

As your father's doctor undoubtedly explained to your father, a Gleason 8 is a serious condition that will require treatment sooner rather than later. Prostate cancer tends to spread with our without a biopsy and with a Gleason 8 he's much more likely to see metastasis naturally than with a biopsy.

Best of luck to your family as you sort through the difficult treatment choices ahead.


hopeful and opt...
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and I have different viewpoints about biopsies spreading cancer, I'm sure that we are in agreement that the benefits of getting a biopsy far outway the small potential risk of negative effects from infection, or cancer spread.....I believe that properly using the results from your father's biopsy probably will save his life..You did a great thing by encouraging him to get a biopsy...........by the way, I am going for my third biopsy in a few weeks.

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No disagreement with that at all.

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I agree with your decision to have your dad go for a biopsy and as Kongo stated, you now have the information you need and can start the process of selecting the appropriate treatment. You did not mention your dad's age? Wishing your dad the best during his journey.

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Correct move was biopsy assuming your dads not in his late 70 s. The Biopsy, as stated, won't spread the cancer.

I'm in the worst group since my cancer has extended beyond the prostate and I'm a Gleason nine. I had radiation and am on hormone therapy. Your next step would be body scans and an MRI of the pelvic region.

Wishing you good luck.


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