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Severe Tornados - friends in affected areas please check in

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Praying for all our friends who may be in the path of these terrible tornados which are or have been hitting.

Have been hitting in Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas. Sounds like our Sundanceh might be right in the area of one.

Please keep our friends safe.

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Hi Marie

"In the area" was right - we had a touchdown in Arlington, but it was on the north side of town near Cowboy Stadium, Rangers Ballpark, and Six Flags.

Our side of town got bad...high winds, and then the hail came. Really strong winds came up after that. The kind that get your attention. I looked out and saw trees bending at nearly 45 degree angles and thought "here we go again."

I watched it snap off big branches off of our trees and for a few neighbors it just literally split their big trees in two and even three sections and destroyed those.

Kim was at work during this but they had bad weather, winds and hail at her work too. And on the way home, she caught more hail and it pounded her car pretty good.

Even Harleys' ears were up and he knew something was not quite right after the sirens went off.

But, we're good and not hurt.

Thanks, Marie!

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Thanks Marie for remember it!

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I was thinking about you Craig- thought you couldn't possibly have to go through this again! This is crazy weather- very scary. Glad you are alright! Can't imagine what damage hail could do to a car (or a person?!)

Take care, my friend-

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hi craig,

at least the twisters get your mind off recurrance.
it would be an absolute pity to fight and beat crc for all these years and then to get wiped out by a twister. see you be careful you have earned a few more great years here.


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