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Please listen to me live on the Stupid Cancer Show tonight to talk about my surviving uterine cancer.


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    What time and time zone?

    What time and time zone?
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    Thank You
    I listened to your appearance on the Stupid Cancer show tonight and want to thank you for bringing attention to UPSC and the band Dancing with N.E.D. They are great! I, like you, was diagnosed with UPSC. I didn't fit the mold either. I was 46, white, not obese. As a matter of fact most of the women I have met with UPSC aren't black and elderly. They have been white and in their mid 40's to mid 60's. I think someone needs to take another look at the average UPSC patient. They must be using old data to arrive at their statistics!

    Thanks again and I can't wait to see the documentary! The preview on their website was very touching.