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Asking 4 Prayers - PET Scan Tomorrow

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Just asking for prayers as my Mom has her PET Scan tomorrow. To date, she has finished 8 chemo treatments. Praying for good results tomorrow.

All the best - Liz

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Glad she finished the treatments. That's a huge step. Will be happy to pray for your mom and yourself that the scans tomorrow are clear. Sleep well tonight.

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Surrounding you and your mom in prayers for tomorrow.


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Im praying may the God who loves us so bringing complete healing upon her for by his stripes we healed, I hope shes clear and you can put this behind you Im so ready to put my behind me and play with my grandbaby again. God bless you both : )

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Praying results are great!


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Prayers on the way. Think that everything will go well. Hope she is doing well and feeling well.


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Dear Liz,

I hope both you and your mom are doing well. She is so great to have finished 8 chemo treatments!!!!

I will pray for you and your mom. =)

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I'm a little late but still praying for a good scan for your mom :)

Love, Gail

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Keeping her in my prayers and praying for great results...


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Thank you for the prayers. Her PET Scan went well. Her spots on her liver have shrunk from the chemo. She will meet with liver dr. who will decide if she is a candidate for surgery.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

All The Best - Liz

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That's wonderful news!


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I'm a little late on your post, but so glad to read that your mom has apparently responded well to the chemo in that her liver mets have shrunk.
Thanks for letting us know!


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Alright, I know I shouldn't ask...gonna likely start some grumbling within the ranks...maybe some peeps won't like me after this, but I can't help myself as this is really bugging me.

If you pray for good results on a PET scan the night before it is done, are you asking for a miracle to be performed on your behalf? After all, the scan is to show the results of what has already happened in your body. Praying tonight for a showing of good result tomorrow, based upon what has already occurred that may or may not be good...I don't get it.

I'm really glad your Mom had good results on her scan, I just think prayer specifically the night before a scan to show good results is a waste of good prayer time. I would instead be praying night and day ALL ALONG THE JOURNEY FOR GOOD REACTIONS TO TREATMENT...then as a result of treatments/prayers, scans will show improvements.

The night before a scan, I would be praying for the strength to bear the scan experience and for the experience to go as smoothly as possible. Semantics, some would say, I suppose...perhaps I'm just grumpy today.

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i dont how your reports turned out, but i do know that God loves and values you. I wish you well as you deal with this medical issue. you are in our prayers and God has been , is and will forever be in control. may God's spirit touch you each and every day giving you the peace that you need for you and your family. i wish you well and our Lord and Saviour
knows what it feels like to walk through trials and tribulations. The Lord Jesus Christ loved you before you were conceived and he loves you just as much now. God bless every part of your body with his healing grace.

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definitely will pray for great results

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