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How long did chemo curls last?

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How long did your chemo curls last? I was done with chemo last Aug and thought they would last about 6 months, but they are still here. Trying to decide if I should keep it short or let it grow. Don't want to suffer through the fro, only to have it start coming in straight again, and have to cut off the curls. My hair grows super fast, so I am spending a lot to keep it short. Good problem to have, I know!

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My curls starting fading just recently and my chemo was completed a year ago this past March 30. I always had wavy, unmanageable hair, but my hair is starting to look straighter to me now. Crazy how things happen.

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patient, Survivor and Advocate .. stated that my hair would return to it's original thickness (or thinness), texture, and coloring within 8 to 10 months after re-growth. My Oncologist as well as his PA -- stated that I would remain 'curly' for at least 2 years. .. Barb had it right ... within 10 months of the finish of my chemo treatments - my curls, have disappeared.

The upside .. I have hair once again, and love walking around without a hat, scarf, or bandana.

Vicki Sam

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Like you, my last chemo was in August 2010. I had thick straight hair before that. Now I have a full head of chemo curls. I am so grateful to have any hair at all that I really do not care that it is curly. There is no way of knowing IF or WHEN your hair will get back to its pre-chemo state. I am treating it like I would any other hair style. If it looks too long, messy, weird, etc. then I would get it cut. If it looks OK then leave it alone. You just have to figure out what works for you. Any "mistake" you might make will rectify itself in a few weeks after all.


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I guess everyone is different. I ended chemo Oct. 2009 and had tight ringlets of chemo curl.

It has relaxed some, but still very curly. Who knows maybe I'll keep it. Before treatment had wavy hair.

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I never had any curls.

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I still have curls although it is relaxing. At first I hated it now I love it, so easy! It is relaxing somewhat, so I know it will go back, but I finished chemo Jan 2010

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Always had super straight hair and was looking forward to having some curl but didn't happen. Wierd thing is my hair is growing out sides are long enough to cover my ears but I still feel like I am bald headed?

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Mine was back to normal, just a little thinner in the front within a year. But I liked the curls, it was like a really soft perm!

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Wish I could give you some advice but my wavy pre-chemo hair is about 3-4 inches long and stick straight! I SO need a trim for my bushy shaggy hair but as I'm sure you all can understand don't want to bring scissors anywhere near it!!

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Thanks ladies! Guess it is just time to go with the flow!

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My curls lasted for almost a year. It just kept relaxing until it was straight. It was the best thing from the chemo and the radiation and meds afterward. Good luck.

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I have about 3 inches of hair and it is very curly. Before chemo my hair was wavy and thick. If I don't tame my hair - it frizzes and I look like a "chi a pet" LOL
But like everyone said, I am so happy to have hair and not have to wear a wig, or hat. I won't go near scissors. LOL

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6 months ago and have 1/2 long frizz! I used to have naturally wavy hair with a mind all it's own. I started to go hatless one month ago and I can't wait for it to get long enough to get it cut and colored.

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I'm loving my chemo curls, but I'll go with the flow. When it's straight again, I'll love that, too!

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I had chemo wavys for about 6 months and then it went straight again but at least when I use a curling iron the curls stay longer than they did before chemo. My hair was thick before but now it is thicker and still very soft.


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Hi, I always had sort of curly hair...I used to straighten and blow it out. Then, when I hit 50 years old, I said "Forget it" and embraced my curliness! I thought maybe after chemo mine might even be straighter, because people say the texture changes sometimes...but no! Curlier than ever! I just enjoy it...Wash n go, so to speak! I only put a little hair gel in after shampooing, and pick it out a little. People are always telling me that my hair is gorgeous! I finished chemo on Nov. 19, 2009...But still have curls galore...Just glad to have hair again! :) (Blow dried in this picture, though...)

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