My Birthday

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Today is my birthday. Last year at this time my parents hosted a 50th birthday brunch for me at a beautiful waterfront resturaunt. It wasn't so much the milestone (50, but that is which I hated) but their generous attempt to make a memory for to keep with me. Hank was doing great that day, loved the food and the company and felt really well. I lost him less than 2 months later. I thhink back on that day now and once again am reminded of how much I miss him. My life will never be the same.



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    Happy Birthday
    I know the feeling of celebrating your birthday without your husband. It's not the same without them being there with us. My husband Tom's birthday is June 12 and it'll be the 2nd one he never had. He passed away in March of 2010. Hope you had a good day anyhow. Take care. Carole
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    happy birthday
    I'm glad you have a beautiful memory from last year to think back on today. My birthday is coming up in July and it will be the first without my husband as well. It's tough. Hugs to you. I hope you had a good day.

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    Happy Birthday, Kathy
    Glad for the memories from last year and sad you had to celebate this year without Hank.

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    I'm sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday. I hope you got through it ok. I'll be old enough for Medicare next month. The age doesn't bother me, but I keep thinking that we were supposed to do this together. We were only a few weeks apart in age. Doug always kidded me about being a cradle robber because I was 6 wks older. Sadly, our lives have changed. I'm learning to live with that, but some special days are just hard. Fay
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    Kathy, I too am sorry for
    Kathy, I too am sorry for your loss and for having to go through your first B-day without your husband. I also know how you feel (lost Mike 1/23/11 and had my B-day 3/21), but as others have said, the first time for events like this are the worse (and they speak from experience). You are right, our lives will never be the same, and as others have noted, we have a new normal that is being created. I wish you better days and lots of hugs.
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    A belated Happy Birthday Kathy
    I hope you had a peaceful day full of good memories. You are right that life will never be the same - for any of us. I also miss my husband so much.