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Trends-We could do our own study based on those of us on these boards

hopeful girl 1
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Joined: May 2010

I was thinking perhaps we could start a study of our own based on all of us here.
We could track some history. I would be willing to do a spreadsheet and report back the trends.

Date diagnosed
Stage and grade
Surgery and treatment protocol
Status: NED, recurrence or in treatment
Food habits prior to diagnosis
Food habits following diagnosis
Food weakness
Martial status
Stress levels prior to diagnosis
Children yes or no
Did you work during treatment
Did you work after treatment
Sleep habits
How do you relax
Are you a person that stresses a lot
Do you drink coffee
Do you have a history of smoking?
Do you have history of alchol usage more than 2 per day?
Do you follow anti cancer diet
Do you follow alkaline vs non alkaline diet?
Do you do yoga, reiki, meditation, or massage?
Do you work out or get exercise at least 5 days a week?


What do people think? Can you think of more questions we could all respond to?
Maybe we could get something out of that would help even one of us.

Does anyone think this could be helpful?

jazzy1's picture
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What are your hopes to get out of the study? What can we take-away from the information you've gathered?


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Hopeful Girl-
I admire your willingness to undertake this project and desire to find possible answers, but I do not think a public discussion board is the place for this to occur. Not sure how others would feel about it though.

kkstef's picture
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I too admire your desire and willingness to compile the data, however, I have to agree that I do not think that a public board is the best place for this data collection to happen. I really am not sure how collecting our individual data would lead to any scientifically based research resulting in earlier diagnosis and treatment for uterine cancer. Certainly a laudable goal however and for that I applaud you!


hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

I guess the boards would be too open for a study.
I just thought maybe it would reflect the habits that work or do not work, so we can all try to do the best for ourselves. However, some of the questions are personal indeed, and we don't want to post that right here on the boards. I didn't really think of that. I wouldn't want to either I suppose.

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I commend you on trying to compile information. I am like you and would like to try and do something, whatever that something might be, I am not sure what. I think this forum, at least from my perspective, has strength in the daily contact we have with each other. Having people who are going through the same things and sharing our journey makes me have strength in dealing with all of this.

I am taking part in several studies at MDA in addition to my treatment and follow up. Maybe there is something you could do in that area where you are receiving treatment.

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It's not like the information is easy to come by. Even with breast cancer, with all of its research and funds available, every new gyn I have gone to in the past 11 years I've had being breast cancer free, still survey with the same old questions about start of menarche, how many children, etc. These questions address only a small percentage of the people who should be aware (and I wasn't one of them). The real profiles, hormonal influences and who-knows-what are) are rarely addressed.
My sister went from being basically asymptomatic to stage IVB. We need all the information we can get.
Kudos to you for taking a stab at it and trying to make sense of this whole mess.

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