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Hi aim a two time cancer survivor colon & tonsil. A friend of my has had ct shows mass on neck beside thyroid. He has constant chills I told him from the start to see ENT he went to family doctor who told him he don't need ENT he going needle biopsy next week. What is the general consensus on this. All he lost a lot of weight last 12 mouths 4 pounds last two weeks.

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I did see an ENT in the beginning of my thyroid cancer journey, but only because my symptoms included hoarseness - and it was the ENT who ordered the CT scan in which a mass was then noted on the thyroid. Once they saw the mass, I, like your friend, was referred for a biopsy. In my case, an endocrinologist specializing in thyroid diseases did the fine needle biopsy. I only saw the ENT one other time after that, a year or more later, to check on something that showed up on a PET scan. It sounds like the path your friend is on is correct - or at least not uncommon. ENTs are not necessarily part of the process in assessing thyroid disease and thyroid cancer. best to you and your friend.

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Actually, if your friend is having issues anywhere near the thyroid, I would recommend they see an Endocrinologist as well as the other doctors. An Endo specializes in thyroid disorders and would be an asset to the medical team.



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Thank for your reply's I will pass the information a long to my friend. The unknown is very scary I know first hand what he going thru.Your information will help

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If the Doctor is able to/ and willing to do the Biopsy then i woud say let him. Remember its not like most biopsys they can only say it its positive they can not say if it is not cancer.

Myself the FNA biopsy came back inconclusive with follicular type cells in the goiter. It was large enough to cause breathing issues so they took that side of the thyroid out and guess what they found both follicular and papalary cancer's so 2 weeks later they took the rest of my thyroid out.

The reason I saw an ENT was for hearing issues and she noticed the goiter size and started the process otherwise it would have been at least 1 more month before anyone would have found it (had a trip to ER cause of breathing problems).

I did not see an endo till after my thyroid was out the ENT doc did it all. In hind site I think I would have prefered to see an endo but at the same time it would have delayed the entire process.

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My concern is its taken the doctor almost 4 week to get him the FNA. He's cold all the time look sick to every one who see him. I really think ENT with all the system he has wound have move faster on this. From my own case I think any time you develop a lump on your neck ENT is best option.

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