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indeterminate nodule

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I am new and have not talked to my dr yet but just recieved a copy of ct scan on my lungs.It says that I have a dependent hypoventilatory change in my posterior right lower lobe and an indeterminate 2mm nodule in my left upper lobe. I am just trying to find out what there are and what to expect.

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Whatever it is, 2mm is very very small! Hopefully it is a small infection that can be treated, or will go away on its own. Keep us posted.

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A doctor told me that standard procedure when they aren't sure if a lung nodule is cancer is to wait 3 months and repeat the scan. Cancer grows. Lung cancer does not grow overnight, but it does eventually grow. Scar tissue doesn't, but both look like nodules on the lung scans. Operations on the lung are major stuff with possible risks just from the surgery, so they don't biopsy when they aren't pretty sure it is needed. A 2 mm nodule won't cause any harm to your breathing. Even if it doubles to 4 mm it will not cause problems to your breathing and you want the doctor to be pretty certain that it absolutely must be removed before lung surgery is considered.

If you have to do this watchful waiting, take the three months to get in the best shape of your life. If you have to have surgery, you will be ready and recover faster. If you don't, you will still benefit from being in great shape.

Another thing to do is explore what options you might have if you have to have surgery to check out the nodule. If they put you on hold again, you won't have wasted your time because you will know what to do if and when you might have to have lung surgery. Even if you never have lung surgery (lots of folks have unexplained nodules that don't grow sitting around in their lungs), you might be educated enough to advise someone else what to do if they need lung surgery. (To get started, check out the difference between ragular lung surgery and VATS procedures).

Good luck!

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I just had a brochoscopy on tuesday am. did a needle biopsy on 2 enlarged nodes they saw on ct. waiting for results. easy procedure, certainly surgery sounds drastic at this point.explore other optuons. Just a thought.

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