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Now for the scan...ugh....the wait..... (to the bomb digities of power :)

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I just want to say a million thank you's! I don't know what I would have done with out my csn family through this treatment journey. I know it's not over yet as I am waiting to do my scan still. But just the thought of going through this without all of you who know what it's like and having that connection....I can't imagine it. Now I hope wish and pray for a great scan and then I will be able to come here to give support to the people that are in the place I was in. I want to be there for them, help them, support, encourage, anything I can do. And I know sometimes it is the smallest of words that get you where you need to be.

You all held me with your comfort, pushed me with your strength, encouraged me with your commraderie, and enlightened me with your knowledge......cheers to the best cyber family I could ever imagine.

Love you all, Gail

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I'm still waiting too with no word on when it will be scheduled. I'll bet you beat me to it...looks my onc has a few new ideas and prefers to wait several weeks after the last treatment, instead of scanning right away. Maybe he's right.

But I would like to know the answer to this past year of fighting - I know you want to know yours as well. I soo hope for good news for you - and I'm sure you will get just that, good news.

it's been great getting to know you - I've watched and witnessed your growth over these past months - and look at what you've become...our favorite word "EMPOWERED." LOL:)

Great seein' ya'!


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My best wishes to both of you and I hope You get to the stage where a cat scan is when your moggy checks you out to see what you've brought for dinner, Hugs Ron.

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for what its worth the worrying over scan results is like the interest we had to pay to have the last 6 or 12 months of life. to be given another chance while i remember our fallen friends is how i stay focused on my goals and values. yours in peace, faith and love,
ps today is another precious day on our journeys, live it well.

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You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Nana b
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I know you will be anxious, but it will be okay. I got your back and I have been doing a lot of praying!

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Will be praying for you. My husband goes in Monday morning for his scan to see if surgery on the liver is possible after 2 chemo treatments. Please pray for us also. The wait is terrible. We have had a couple of really peaceful weeks while he recuperated from a rough chemo treatment and its been so nice - I said what if you just don't go back. Wishful thinking, wishing it would just all go away.

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Thank's everyone for the kind words and thoughts. Please remember my post...it was a thank you to you all for being there for me...you are all the bomb digity when it comes to power!!

Love you, Gail

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We will be praying for you!

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and I second that, just the most amazing people here in our CSN family...

Keeping you in my prayers for great results. I am right behind you, got my scans on Monday, then the wait begins..


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Kenny H.
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I get my scan on July 5th. Since ended chemo have already gone back to work. Hope I can continue & they find nothing, seems its a endless cycle of tests ect but thats the way it will allways be.
Hope n pray yours is clear to.

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a clean scan for you..and then it will be naked happy dance time for you!!!!!!


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Hi Gail,

I just have a feeling that you are going to have an 'all clear' scan!
I know it's a bummer waiting and having that anxiety. Do you have a date for the scan?


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No date yet Lisa. My Dr appt is on Thursday...Yikes!

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I agree this group is quite amazing. You all have gotten me through so much.


PS I love your picture!

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