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trouble sleeping

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I will finish my first (and hopefully last) chemo round next week. I was just wondering why it is so hard to sleep. Is it the chemo, the lack of actual physical exercise, or the anxiety of the disease. I dont take steroids so I can't blame that. Does sleeping get better after chemo? Do others have trouble sleeping or is it just me?

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Dear Lulu,

I cannot comment on your sleeping as I am a caretaker and not the person with OVCA...I do know that my mother could not sleep for a few days after her chemo treatments and then she went back to normal.....I would think that yes, it's probably a combination of the drugs, the anxiety and exercise.....I know some of the ladies on the board take something to help them when they have difficulty with sleep and its bothersome to them...I'm sure you will hear from them shortly...

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Hi Lulu

My mum just finished her 6th round of once monthly chemos. She has never got more than 3-4 hours sleep in one night during that whole time, despite feeling very tired. She's always been told it's the chemo. I really feel for you. Hope it resolves itself soon.

Evelyn xx

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It is definitely the chemo. I just had chemo on Tuesday and I can never sleep for a few days afterward. I take ambien for sleep and xzanx for anxiety. Last night I couldn't sleep at all and I was active, so I took both pills and it calmed my nerves and mind. My doctors say it is the from the chemo also. That is why they will prescribe the drugs if you ask for them. Good luck sleeping.

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I was always wired for days afterward but I blamed the steroids.

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even though I am in a remission I still have problems falling asleep. I usally fall asleep around 1 am. Not sure why/ Probably brain overload...val

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Hi Lulu1010, you're not alone. I also have trouble falling asleep. Once I do, I'm ok. I guess it could be a combination of the chemo, lack of physical exercise because sometimes I'm just wiped out from the chemo as my counts go very low and the anxiety of having cancer. I do take Ambien which helps me sleep on the nights I really need it. I know in the past, once I was off of chemo, I went back to a normal sleep pattern because I was able to get out and take nice long walks. It's funny, when I went to Disney in 2009, I was on chemo and we were so active during the day, so much walking in Florida, that when I hit the pillow, I went out so fast, without even taking a sleeping pill. Anyway, I hope everything goes well for you.

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It could be a combination of everything including the lack of female hormones.

The sleep situation is improving over time for me and I still rely on an afternoon nap so I don't fall asleep too early & wake up at 4 am.

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