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The power of prayer and positive people in my life.

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Two years ago in March, I was dx with this disease. At the time, my prognosis was so poor, that I was encouraged to think about where to place my 14 year old twins since I am a single mother with no family close by. (I am in Kansas and my family in California.) I was told since I would spend alot of time in the Hospital, other arrangements needed to be made.

Flash forward 2 years: Ca 125 this week is a 7 and CT scan was clear. Twins are now 16 and just completed 10th grade here in Kansas where they wanted to stay. I have been off Chemo 23 months.

I am not always a nice person. I have never invented something to save someones life.I did not have the access to the most renowned hospitals in the world. I could hardly afford to get to Kansas City for my Surgery and everything else was done here is Topeka.

So what do I believe helped. YOU! Whenever you posted new medical information on this board, YOU helped. Whenever you offered Prayer or kind words to others, YOU helped. Just being able to read the encouragement offered to others helped.

I know at some point my prognosis could change again but I just want YOU to know that when you send love and prayer, YOU HELP.


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one another so I am glad you get what you need from it. I sure do!!! I am glad your numbers are down and your scans are clear. yes,prayers do matter..val

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Thank you so much for your beautiful post!!!!!!! i am sooooooooooo glad that you are doing so well and you get to see your twins grow up........Yes, this board is a God send and the wonderful people on it.....here's to many many more years of seeing you here and thanks for sharing and being such a brave role model!!!

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Great news for you and your children. Yes, I agree that this board is a Godsend; I cried when I found it. I knew you ladies understood exactly what I was going through. I was right. You have helped me with the highs and lows of this journey. I too am doing well; last CA 125 was 3. I am eight months out from chemo. I am enjoying each day.


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Thank you all for your comments. I am always happy to hear news like Karen's and I Know Val has been doing great.

Lisa, Keep that Fang fish fighting for us.


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We share the good news and the very bad news. This binds us in such a way that is unique and beautiful.

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so happy you are alright now. God has a plan for you. If you ever need someone to pray just let me know. I am here if you need me
God Bless

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I haven't posted in a while because going the process of this disease is so involved sometimes and neverending, that after a while it all becomes overwhelming.

However; from time to time I check in and I saw your beautiful post and I just had to tell you I know exactly how you feel, in the beginning for me.. I felt all alone with this illness, yet through this very board, I have truly met, befriended many angels who extended kindness and consoling words and information that made a difference in such a positive way.

So although I have transistioned to a different place with my illness and am not as involved on this board anymore, take every bit of advice to heart that everyone offers you, I really believe it got me through many sleepless nights.

Hang in there and God bless you (Prayer is powerful)


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Amen to all of the above!

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