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Expeirences with Erbitux

mukamom Member Posts: 402
Onc wants to start chemo again, in two weeks for Robert, and he wants to start him on Erbitux........IF he doesn't have th KRAS mutation. From what I read about this drug, it can cause some issues with the skin, hair, nails, eyes, and a whole other host of problems, including cardiovascular. Robert is ready to keep fighting with chemo and doesn't question this new plan. This last progression has really scared him.
" The recommended subsequent weekly dose, either as monotherapy or in
combination with irinotecan, is 250 mg/m2 infused over 60 minutes (maximum
infusion rate 10 mg/min) until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity". (excerpt from erbitux drug insert)

Excuse me??? So, disease progression is expected. It also said it did not prolong the life expectancy of metstatic colorectal cancer patients. So why even take the drug?
Are we running out of options and this is all that is left? Or am I missing something that this drug does do and is it worth it??

Thank you in advance for input

Hugs, Angela


  • PhillieG
    PhillieG Member Posts: 4,866
    Erbitux and Irinotecan (CPT11)
    I've been on Erbitux with CPT 11 and Erbitux alone for over 4 years.
    It's worked very well for me. Yes, there are side effects that lesses over time (with me at least) yet it's kept my lung tumors to a minimum and totally manageable.
    I suggest searching this Colon Cancer forum on Erbitux and look for recent postings about it. Every week it seems people are asking about it, there's a lot of posts about it.
    Good luck,