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Hello Y'all.
I'm just checking as I have been off line for about two weeks....
Refresher: Diagnosed w/ Papillary 12/28/2010
TT 2/7/11
LID 3/21- 4/15
Thyrogen 4/11 & 4/12
RA 4/13 (75mci)
WBS 4/21
I went to my ENDO on 5/9 to discuss the results of the RA/WBS. There is slight activity in the thyriod bed, however I was told by both the ENDO and RAD that means that I had a sucessful LID and then RA was working to kill what/if any was left.
I go back for follow up blood work in August and my ENDO indicated he would base another RA treatment on the results.

I am continuing to see my ENT as I have had this lousy knot in my throat plus I tend to lose my voice (laryngitis) roughly 3-4 days a week. Last office visit with him, he didn't believe it had anything to do with my vocal chords.... but still in the healing process from the surgery, maybe the RA re-affect the throat, and possibly a little acid reflux(AR) caused by stress. He has placed me on some AR medication and it actually (maybe) helping. Next appointment 6/2 to determine the next course of action.
Any of you have something like this going on 3 months post surgery???

Even though I contacted my dentist and got some special flouride toothpaste, after the RA, my teeth occasionly hurt and I think I have lost all my taste buds. I have an appointment on 5/23 for a regular check up and will ask him what/if there is to do.
Do you guys have this problem??

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Yes my teeth hurt more often than they did prior to radiation

I have lost a lot of taste in my mouth everything tastes metallic and salty... a lot of my taste buds seemed to recover within about 7-9 months.

Defiantly talk to your dentist about any other special considerations he/she may have

I never had voice problems well maybe a little sore throat but nothing major... I am assuming the ENT says it’s not the vocal cords cause do to visual inspection that both sets are working.

RA defiantly affects lots in the neck and jaw area.

Acid reflux and stress are probably causing a lot of issues as well...

Good luck and keep us up to date


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I had my TT in November 2009 and still have problems with my voice. My Oncologist checked my vocal cords with a scope and they seem to be fine. I have had two RAI treatments and it seemed to really irritate my throat even more. I wake up every morning with a sore throat which usually subsides within a half hour. By the end of the day after talking too much at work, my voice sounds like that of a sixty year old smoker.

I also use Acid Reflux medication. I like Dexilant whenever possible. It seems to work the best for me but you need a prescription for it. It is accepted by most insurance plans now. Not yet in generic form. I don't have a prescription for it but the doctor I work for gives me free samples. If I am out I use generic Prilosec (Omeprazole). But it doesn't work as well.

I did have some problems with taste after my second RAI, but the problem seemed to resolve itself within one month. My doctor gave me steroids to take during the first three days after each RAI treatment and it seemed to do the trick. I still suck on hard candies to keep my salivary glands producing. You might try using sour candies to stimulate your taste buds. I find that Jolly Ranchers keep me salivating and I like the taste.

As far as teeth, I have one tooth that is still sore and kind of loose. I think I will probably loose it eventually.

Sounds like you are going through some typical side effects. Time will heal. Keep a positive attitude and never give up the fight.


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