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Hi, I am posting for a relative. He had his thyroid taken out 2 weeks ago, and follow up with dr. showed small amount of cancer in the thyroid. My question is should he have chemo or radiation even though the thyroid was removed? The doctor said NO to him, but of course with cancer you never know where it could have spead to. He is really trying to stay positive, but he is agonizing just the same. Blessings Clynn

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do you know what type of thyroid cancer?
do you know what stage the cancer was in ?

Most of us got Radioactive Iodine therapy and are happy with it...
Some have had reocourances and others not...

another good board to look at is www.thyca.org has alot of info there

breif reviw of my story
feb 2010 had 1/2 thyroid removed
mar 2010 they found cancer in the first 1/2 so removed the rest of the thyroid
The cancer was follicular and papalary (seperate areas) both considered stage 1
May 2010 Radioactive iodine therapy 175 mCi
May 2011 Clean Scan 1 year out... next scan in about 1 year

good luck
Ask as many questions as you can come up with


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Wow, you gave me so much insight.

The cancer is micro-pappilary and only half of it was removed ( I thought all)Not sure of stage, but of course if found and not alot I would assume stage 1.

Do you think that all the tyroid should be removed if the one half showed cancer?? I see that is what was done with you. Is it normal to remove the other half if the one removed had cancer?? Makes sense to me, but what do I know.

I was talking with him today, and seemed in better spirits. I think I am more anxious than he is.

I HATE CANCER. Blessings Clynn

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It's an ugly word and does ugly things to a person.....your friend will need you with them for support. I am six years out after being diagnosed with a very rare thyroid cancer called hurthle cell. A person goes through alot of changes, but feel free to discuss things on this website, we are all here for each other and I have learned you have to be your own advocate. You are a great friend to ask questions and voice your concerns....they are lucky to have you.

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Your friend should consider having the remaining half of his thyroid removed. I am surprised that his surgeon hasn't already prepared him for this. The chances for recurrence are greater with half of the thyroid left. Total Thyroidectomy is common practice after cancer is detected even at the microscopic level. He should probably have a Radioactive Iodine Treatment (RAI) to kill any remaining thyroid cells as well. This will lessen his chance of recurrence. Just removing the thyroid leaves cells behind that can metastasize. Usually to the Lymph nodes on the side of the neck where the cancer was found. Because his cancer was found early, he has a good chance of not having recurrence as long as he has the remaining portion of the thyroid removed and a RAI treatment. I say this because I am a Papillary Thyroid Cancer survivor and I was only stage one when I discovered the tumor. I have had three surgeries in total, two of them from metastasis to the lymph nodes even after my first RAI treatment. Two RAI treatments in total. I am in remission now but being watched very carefully and frequently.

My best wishes to him and to you for being there for him. Keep supporting him and asking questions. I would encourage him to also get on the site and read some of the posts as well.


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Thank you Craig, Lynne, an Julie. I left him a message about what you all have said. I also suggested to get a second opionion also. It defies logic to leave a portion of a cancerous body part in-if it can be removed. The watch and wait BS that was suggested seems to be the norm with stage one disease. I will keep you posted as to what the next step in all this will be. Clynn

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