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Vacation Liz

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Hi Liz.

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful trip to Florida. I know that this is your first vacation since you ended your treatment. Go, enjoy and have fun in the sun. You really deserve this time away. You will have to tell us all about it when you return.
Have a great vacation...


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Me too Liz...I hope you have a wonderful peaceful vacation. Soak up the sun and rest your body after this long winter of treatments...you've earned it! We leave for 7 days down on the river this coming Saturday and I can hardly wait! Taking our new boat and the spring salmon run is one of the best in years, so hopefully we will be bringing home a bunch of those bad boys. They are the best eating fish of the year. I'll take pictures when I catch mine...you knowtce I said "when", not "if"...I'm starting this vacation out with only "positive" thoughts! ha! Have a good one Liz...I sure plan too. Love ya...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hope you have a wonderful time in my home state. We live on Indian Rocks Beach in the Tampa Bay area. Soak up the great weather and rest and enjoy.

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Thanks to all for thinking of me - yes, it is a godsend that I FINALLY got away and realize I needed the vacation so bad - my hubby too for just 5 days. The sun was great but got a bit paranoid about the rads from the sun so used sunscreen and a hat. I am learning the "new me" and sometimes, I feel good and other times, feel apprehensive but the future holds for me and all of you. Such fluctuating emotions. Now back at home, I feel more rested.

The flight went smoothly and I was so relieved. Most of my headaches gradually went away after taking Allegra - wow - did not realize it was the sinus allergies that made a wreck out of my head!

My hair grew back enough for me to take off the wig for good when being in public. I do notice ppl look at me and at work, my supervisor and co workers went crazy saying I look great, younger and fashionable! Real short hair seems to be in style I guess. Good timing for summer.

Sue, I look forward to hearing how your vacation went.


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Glad to hear that you and your husband had such a fabulous time!


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Hi Liz,
We sure didn't have the beautiful weather you had, but we still had a relaxing good time. It was rainy, windy and cold every day.Steve fished each day and caught 7 fish. I went out one day for about 5 hours and froze my butt off, so after that I stayed back at the cottage and relaxed while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the river and Mt Hood. We have 2 weeks the last of July and first week of August scheduled for another trip, so I plan to fish then when the weather will be warm and sunny. Glad you had a good vacation, getting away was just the ticket I needed...it was a l-o-n-g hard winter for me being cooped up at home. Now I'm rested and don't feel so stir crazy. Take care and don't work too hard...Love ya...Sue

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