wow what a busy week********Update on surgery ******

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We have a busy week this week on Monday Jorge had his ct scan and today its my youngest birthday she is now a teen god help us . And tomorrow we have to go and see the colon surgeon and she will be telling us about Jorges scan . And I believe she will make a date for the surgery man I'm getting scared now thanks all hugs Tina ********* The surgery date is June 6th . Now I'm sooooo o scared all I can do is cry I'm not sure if I'm strong even to do this omg


  • pepebcn
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    I pray for good results.Don't be afraid about surgery most of us
    had it and you see we have recovered without major problems!.
    Goo vibes from here Tina.
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    Fear of the Unknown
    Always when we've never been there, we are apprehensive about the unknow and what lies ahead of us.

    But look at it this way, this is what you worked for and now you are the door and about to walk through it. Surgery is never easy on us and once in the O/R, the surgeon has to adjust and deal with what they see after the patient is opened up.

    This is what is necessary to keep Jorge moving forward so onward you both you with everyone pulling for you. So surgery first, and then we'll work on the recovery.

    The very best of luck!

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    Anticipation is always worse
    than the surgery.
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    keep going
    one step at a time. Happy birthday to the teenager! Good luck tomorrow.
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    Well, first of all, happy birthday to your youngest- yes, having all teens can be a scary adventure! Two of my three are teens (15 & 18), and my youngest is 11, but she is an early bloomer and already acts and thinks very teen-like (although she is still very sweet and helpful to me- I pray that doesn't change!)

    I will be looking forward to hearing what Jorge's scan results are and what the plan is. I know it can be scary, but it's good that things are marching forward with plans being made. Praying for you guys!

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    Ahh the teenage yrs. Good
    Ahh the teenage yrs. Good luck to you both and Happy birthday to the teen.
    Good luck on the news from the scan. will be praying for good results.
    My surgery is tuesday and i am just grateful not to have to think about it anymore. We all need to get on with our summer!
    Many prayers to you both,
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    Good luck
    Don't be afraid of the surgery,I was worried at first,but I wanted to get it over with to get the cancer out.If you write down what the doctor tells you it will help you later,I could not remember later what the doctor had said,it is kind of overwhelming at first.Happy birthday to your young one,and good luck.
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    Ahhh I remember those days...
    the ones with teenagers in the house, oh my, yes, I remember well. Happy Birthday to your teen.
    As for being scared? Ahhh Tina, surgery takes the cancer away, the best way to get rid of it. I'm praying hard, sending all my wishes your and Jorge's way, that he gets to hear those words, "You qualify for surgery", WOW, they are beautiful words, I remember when I heard them, the excitement, the thrill. As Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing"
    Thinking of you both as you know and always leaning towards the best. Here's hoping he hears those words.
    Winter Marie
  • tina dasilva
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    Thank you
    Thank you guys for all your prayers and good vibes hugs to you all Tina
  • tina dasilva
    tina dasilva Member Posts: 641
    Thank you
    Thank you guys for all your prayers and good vibes hugs to you all Tina
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    springing forward
    We've had excellent "luck" focusing on pre-op, post-op nutrition, especially as concerns hospital food. Lots and lots of supplements for wound healing. Even with a more serious opening to go get the para aortic node.
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    Tina it's alright to be
    Tina it's alright to be scared. I am and I already had surgery. what kind of surgery is Jorge having?

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    You will be scared about surgery, it's a normal thing. Looking back to mine, remember being fine until getting wheeled into the operating room and then just lost it and starting to cry. They were all reassuring and kind and said that I'd be fine and believed them and then felt better and next thing was in the recovery room. Most of us here on this board has gone through some type of surgery and your hubby will get through it too. Remember it will be harder on you than him since you will be waiting. He will do fine. He is in my prayers for a successful surgery and fast recovery. Just keep coming here when you feel stressed. You will be fine too :)

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    Surgery is scary but you ARE strong enough. Remember this is what you have been working for + how would you have felt if he couldn't have the surgery. Remember we are all here for you.