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small rectal carcinoid, need help with pathology

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Hi all,

Few days ago presumptive benign 0.5cm rectal polyp came back positive for 0.3cm carcinoid tumor. Unfortunately the pathology report does not talk about margins. I asked my doctor he is not talking about margins. All he is saying is he will go in after 3 months and check.

I am currently fighting another cancer so I know what to expect from these things.

I did some digging and understand that not withstanding certain specifics 95% of time <1cm carcinoid tumors of the rectum are treated just with local resection. That is fine by me by why did the pathology report did not talk about margins?.

If they did not mention then would it mean negative/clear margins?.

For my own peace of mind I sent the pathology for a second opinion and seeing a real colorectal cancer doc in a few weeks.

Any advice is really helpful.


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Maybe the polyp is self-limiting? That unlike other cancers, you snip it off, and the 'stem' is tested? And then a few lymph nodes tested, as well?

I really don't have experience...mine was, indeed, in my rectum, but it was not polyp based...it was hanging out on the surface of my rectum. So I did have 'margins' in my path...but not until actual surgery...

Hugs, Kathi

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mine was a sessile polyp. No lymph nodes were removed, they found the polyp when doing colonoscopy since I have been noticing blood for over couple of months on and off.

If pathology does not talk about margins does that indicate they do not know or is it assumed negative?.

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