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William&Loretta Happy 8th Birthday!!

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William & Loretta,
I hope you are out celebrating your 8th Birthday! 8 years ago today you had the surgery that gave you another chance at life like so many of us are praying for!! We spoke about you often today in Pitt.! I hope you enjoyed your day! Talk to you soon!


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William and Loretta, you all are too valuable to the people on this discussion board to go out and hurt yourself. "We'll let you 'play' some," but you must take care of yourself. We all need you two. You are such a gift to all of our fellow EC affected individuals. What a life's work!! So, Loretta is going to have to be put in charge to be certain that you "behave" yourself. And, oh by the way, what a wonderful celebration day. May you have many, many more years of being cancer free. All the best!! Mary

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Joel C
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WOW eight years, now that is a heck of an accomplishment. Six month birthday today for me. You’re an inspiration to folks like me that are starting out with our new lives.


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What a wonderful accomplishment! I hope my husband, Santo, will be as fortuante. He's going on 3 months next week. So far, so good. Best wishes to you and Lorretta. I consider you both gifts from God. You are an inspiration to so many.


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What the heck!! I bet Loretta was ready to beat your $%& LOL! Take care of yourself and I hope you are feeling better!


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Just wanted to add my Congrats!!!!! Wishing you many more.

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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A huge Congratulations! to you both. You are very dear to us. Thank you for all you do here.

Linda and Jim

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Congratulations on your 8th year! I truly believe God knew what an inspiration, as well as being His loyal worker, you would be in helping so many others on this discussion board. Your information is so detailed, yet so easy to understand. I see God's hand directing you and your lovely Loretta every day in advising desperate, scared, and confused EC patients. Thanks to both of your for your tireless efforts in helping so many of us.

I also thank so many of your loyal friends in comforting and offering advice to those of us who are lost in despair over our cancer diagnosis. May the Good Lord Bless each and every one of you wonderful helpful EC friends.


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I wanted to offer my congratulations as well. You and Loretta both are a beacon of light to so many (myself included) in a tough journey. May God Bless you Both!

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I have to agree with what everone's said here. Although I am relatively new (diagnosed in April) and am just beginning my journey (chemo and radiation starting next week) William's story has been an inspiration and the knowledge he imparts to people on this forum is invaluable. William I hope you have another eight and another eight and another eight.....

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Hi William & Loretta
What a fantastic gift you are to all of us here, I have 3 boys they do my heavy lifting for me, maybe those gorgeous grandchildren of yours can do your heavy lifting for you, I hope you enjoyed your day, and may there be many more birthdays to celebrate!!!

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Congratulations William! Enjoy every minute and thank you for giving back :)


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Congrats William and Loretta heres to many more But really lifting heavy bags of mulch (LOL) with all those strong young men around there. You should be directing them. Bad backs are no joke - so take care of yourself.

Thank you for everything you do :)

Lots of love,

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