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plastic stent in liver..anyone?

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I have had a biliary drain (several in fact ) for the past year. we have decided it is time to place a stent instead of the drain tube as the tumors that had been blocking the biliary drain are gone (hooray)!, they will use the existing tube (which exits my side ) as a guide for a wire that will capture and guide the plastic stent (that will be guided from the opposite direction down my throat). Like an electrician wiring an existing wall the exterior drain / wire should guide the stent into place...I feel comfortable with this procedure and hope it all works out well, but I have yet to find anyone who has had it done...anyone out there with any advice,opinion,warning I'd love to hear from you ..

thanks so much for reading !


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I was just in the hospital the last few weeks having a stent placed. I was jaudice and my onc sent me to see a doc friend of his to get this stent placed. He was talking about placing a titantium stent that would be more permanent. My cancer is in my liver and the tumors were pinching off my bile ducts.

I see a surgeon next week about my gall bladder.

So much fun.

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First let me thank you for responding to my note,you are the first who has had comments or are familiar with this it seems,
just this week I had the procedure to replace the existing drain tube with the plastic stent ,in fact the Dr said that my bile ducts/drain were in good enough shape that I could have done without, but they put one in just to be certain everything stayed open and clear. the relief from having the drainage tube (changed about 8 times over the past year)removed was immediate, I just have a hole in my side from the tube that needs to heal. I don't know if Avastin is a part of your chemo treatment, but my oncologist says its probably what was responsible for the eradication of the tumors in my liver in 6 months (treatments with other drugs every two weeks.) I hope all goes well with you, I see that if its appropriate the use of a stent over a drain tube (which seems to clog often and requires a lot of maintenance and discomfort) has its advantages, but above all listen to your Dr's, placing a stent (and the metal ones are more permanent )and removing one if there is a problem can be risky, its a different scenario for everyone, I am definitely glad that we took the plastic stent route, but it may not be an alternative for everyone.
thank you again for your response to my inquiry

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i just came back from the hospital my mom has just been through this procedure but because she is in a rather bad condition she had the metal permenant one
nothing yet but the doc is expecting the bullirubin will be normal in 1 week time
i didn't think that knowing pepole w the same condition helps & encourages a lot
hope every thing goes well for u & for my mom

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