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oxygen at home

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For 3rd time in 15 days, I'm admitted to hospital for breathing problems. Still doing chemo, have my "bad" days where I get out of breath after sleeping, or getting up. Can't catch breath, get vertigo and panic.

End up having bf take me to ER or ambulance. Currently on prednisone, magnesium, potassium, 3 antibiotics, 2 other sterioids, nasal spray, puffer and cough. Needed red transfusion again, on ativan for high anxiety and insulin shots due to pred.

I don't handle pred well at all and they finally weaning me off, thak goodness.

Slowly gettig all these uder control afrer last 5 days. I freak about not catching breath at home but they won't presribe it unless reading is 88...mine is 89. I can't keep paying non covered ER and ambulance visits. No one one seems concerned that I'm frantic about not beig able to breathe a home.

I've been handling the SCLC scenario, chemo's and radiations but today I hit dejection point and could scream.

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I am sorry you are having so much trouble. Before you get up, have you tried sitting on the edge of the bed and taking several slow, deep breaths and then slowly procede from there. I know when I came home from the hospital, I got up too quickly and was breathless and lightheaded so had to change my ways for awhile. Good luck to you.

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my wife is stage4 lung cancer -- she has had chemo (2009) and radiation (7/2011). During radiation she developed shortness of breath -- referred to a pulmonologist who prescribed a nebulizer, activan and 30 mg of oxycondon whenever beathig attack comes on. It works pretty well in calmimg her down and helping her breathing.


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