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not sure what to do

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my husband was diagnosed with stage IV HCC 7/09, the liver is under control now he has been on nexavar for about a year with a lot of bad side effects, but he is a real trooper. he just had a bone scan and chest xray and the results were perfect, but his Mri shows that he has several lymph nodes that continue to get larger and larger, they want him to start on a new study, but we are very confused about this and not sure what we are going to do, any help would be greatful. thank you and always stay strong.

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First let me say I'm sorry to hear your husband's dx. Liver cancer is a devastating shock to a family.
I'm no expert, but if he's doing well except for the lymph nodes, maybe they want the trial to address the lymph nodes. Maybe you need to ask the doctors more specific questions about why he needs the trial. And ask what the growth of the lymph nodes means. With my husband the oncologist made it quite clear the lymph nodes meant spread of the liver cancer to other parts of the body. But my husband has cholyangiocarcenoma, which is primary liver cancer to the bile ducts. He has enlarged nodes in his abdominal areaand on his hip. A lot depends on the place and the size. Ask more questions of your doctors. They owe you the full answers, so you can make decisions.

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