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Cleaning for a reason

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Has anyone benefited from this group? Finally got all my paper work turned in and no reponse, I emailed yesterday and today was told "we are full in your area" well what areas are they NOT full in?? Kinda feeling like it was a scam!

mrs gadget
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I tried to use this service too when I was undergoing chemo. You would think that with my husband and I undergoing treatment at the same time they would respond, however they said they were also full in my area....go figure...good luck

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I had all the paperwork sent in from my oncologist and they told me they would be in touch with me, but they never were. I sent several emails and never heard back. I do remember of several ladies on this board, however, receiving their services. Linda

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I got all my paperwork turned in, was accepted and then never got a call. The last thing I needed was to follow up with them, so I never received service either.

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When I was doing chemo, I tried and tried to take advantage of this service. So many friends told me "I must take advantage of this wonderful service!" Well--all I can say is, "Good luck!" The organization said I needed to check every week on the computer--that they only can take 50 requests--so I did--for several weeks. And, every week they were full and said to try again. I didn't have the energy to keep trying!!!

Another one of those things that sounds wonderful in theory, but in reality--not so much.

Hugs, Renee

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A lot of ladies here have reported being unable to get services from Cleaning for a Reason (and me too, Renee -- if I had a nickel for every email forwarded from friends telling me "you must take advantage of this wonderful service").

At the same time, our dear heidijez, who lived in...Wisconsin, I think?... and passed away a few months ago, used them last year and just loved them. So I do think it's just hit or miss.


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Didn't even try Cleaning for a Reason since I live so far away from anywhere. Just want to say hi and how are you? xoxoxoxo Lynn

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we don't have anyone in the area participating so didn't get the help. Our local breast care alliance does help with some things though. I just decided not to pursue it 'cause at that point I was pretty discouraged that no one was willing to step up and provide this service for women in our area.

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which I thought was odd, living in Southern California. Disappointed to say the least.

Vicki Sam

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Libby i replied on the facebook thread about this. You know me, I cant keep my mouth shut very well when I'm bothered by something. I contacted the company, and included a link to this thread, so that they can see what we all have to say. It does seem like they are touting themselves as being such helpers & doing such a great thing, but none of us -from all over the country -have gotten their services. Participating cleaning companies do NOT get paid by Cleaning for a Reason for their services, AND they have to PAY a fee to Cleaning for a Reason to be a participating service. So it's a win/win situation for them, but the people who should be benefitting, us, aren't getting any help from them! Right before I was diagnosed, two of my friends started up a cleaning company. When I applied for cleaning help & was denied because there aren't any participating companies in my area, my friends contacted Cleaning for a Reason about participating & were told about the fees & how they work. Like someone else said, I've had countless people email me or tell me "You should check into this place, it's such a wonderful thing they do" -I always tell them exactly what I've put on here. I feel they are using the premise of helping cancer patients to make themselves look good -and that makes me mad!
ps -i really hope someone from there takes action & reads these threads. A reputable company/organization accepts criticism as well as praise & if they really are helping out alot of people & we're all just an exception to the rule then I think they should offer an explanation.

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kit kat
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During my treatment I tried connecting to that company many times (at least 25) through the computer, and failed everytime. I gave up. There were not there for me at all. I still can't clean well. Saving money up so I can hire a service How dissapointing.

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Hi everyone,
I work at the foundation and I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I have read all of your threads and I appreciate your constructive criticism. Let me try and explain our process. Unfortunately, all of you are exactly correct. We stay full. We have 1,000 maid service partners in the U.S. and Canada and they agree to take 2 cancer patients at a time and clean for free once per month for 4 months. Most of these maid services are small companies with only 3 - 6 employees and the owners pay from their pocket all expenses when they send employees to clean a cancer patients home. We don't have the luxury of picking up the phone and calling any maid service when someone applies. We are confined to the maid services who partner with us. We do wish we had thousands more who would partner with us so that we could serve more women and we are growing as rapidly as we can to accomplish that. The truth is, the demand far exceeds our capacity and most likely always will because what we do is very labor intensive. It is our desire to serve every woman who applies and that is where our heart is. Although we have cleaned more than 5,000 homes for free since our inception in 2006, our heart breaks because there are so many more just like those of you who have expressed your disappointment. We are so sorry we couldn't help. Hope my explanation helps.

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Well Terry the false hope is distrubing to many of us. You collect our personal information and then are unable to help. Perhaps "cleaning for a reason" should stop getting our personal information until such a time as you are organized enough to really help some of us! Stop solicitating that you want to help when you cannot help. Out of all the ladies on here NONE of us ever received help. There might have been one of our pink sisters on facebook who actually received help, but she is now one of our guardian angels and it cannot be confirmed.

I say, shame on cleaning for a reason!!! Your orginazation needs to stop until you are really able to help!!!

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The funny thing is, signs and notices are posted for this service everywhere - in my doctor's office, at the infusion center, there was even an ad in my church newsletter! I had to tell the editor to take it out because they don't really help anyone. If you want us to jump through hoops and get our oncologists to write a letter to get accepted, which we do and are told we are accepted but then never hear a word from anyone ever again, please don't advertise false promises.

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Thank you for your comment.

It isn't a matter of being organized it is a matter of having enough maid service partners available to help. We recognize that we will never be able to help all who apply because the demand is overwhelming, but we will continue helping as many as we can. Two things to remember about us.
1. We have to have a maid service who has agreed to partner with us in an area where a cancer patient applys. If we don't have a partner in that area, we won't be able to help.
2. If we have a partner in the area, they have to have an opening or we won't be able to help. Our 1,000 partners stay full which means they are giving away two free cleanings every month. So, obviously we are helping a lot of women. I doubt the 2,000 women who are being helped every month would agree with your comment.
3. We don't solicit for business. When an organization calls and request's brochures or that they may put a link to our website on their website, we decline because we stay full. On the other hand, we can't police all the people around the country who do these things without our permission.
Finally, we are about to launch a CMS system that will accommodate your request. This system will not allow a woman to apply if there isn't availability in their area.
We listen to comments and we respond if we have the ability to do so. We are in the business of making a positive difference in this world and we work tirelessly trying to accomplish that purpose.
Again, thank you for your constructive criticism.

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I called for help too and like everyone else here, I was denied. I think it's ridiculous to raise someone's hope and then let them down. I feel like I was had by a marketing scam and am wondering how many companies my personal information has now been sold to!

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Different Ballgame
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Dear Heather,

That's what I like about you. You tell it like it is. The fact that so many of our sisters have not received the services of the Cleaning for a Reason makes me wonder if they are legitimate.

Lots of Hugs,

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available in my part of CT.

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I live in Dallas/Fort Worth area a HUGE area and still not available. never thought of our info being sold traded or whatever that stinks! I will be posting a note next to their flyer at my treatment center that its a scam and I will ask the nurses to remove their sign. I will refer everyone to this thread to see for themselves. I SO DO NOT like them having my information!!!

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I am fairly new. Today I scrolled through discussion topics and found this one. I, too, was told by a number of people, including a pastor, about this "wonderful service". I signed up and got on the internet almost every morning for weeks (end of 2009 and early 2010), without success. Finally husband found me a cleaning service I still use today. I did, however, receive a number of donation requests for donations.
PS- I am living in Houston where cleaning services are plentiful.

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After reading all of the comments on this thread I felt sad and a little frustrated at the perception some have unfortunately had. I would like to just take a second to add my experiences with Cleaning For a Reason.

I own a very small cleaning service in Vancouver, WA and we are a Cleaning For a Reason partner. We have been a parner since joining fall of 2010 after meeting the founder & other volunteers and partners (companies that donate cleaning) at the ISSA international convention held in Orlando. I can tell you first hand that the organization is in no way a scam. They are a very well respected & very well organized organization. I have met many company owners that participate & provide free cleanings every month. I think most of the frustration seems to be that because we have so much more need than the enrolled service partners can provide, it frustrates people and seems that perhaps it is not even a legitimate organization.

My company is pretty typical of those that participate. We have just 3 employees that work in our residential cleaning department, and just a handful of other part time employees that clean the small number of commercial buildings & churches we clean. In other words, we are a very modestly sized company with a very small profit margin. In a company where every single dollar matters and where we struggle to find any extra money grow our business, we choose to participate at our own expense because we care. What goes around comes around and we know that if everyone does the best they can to show kindness and lend a hand when others need it most, it makes the entire world, including our own world a better place. Our employees love to participate, knowing that they are bringing a smile to some relief to other women who are going through a very difficult time and find little energy to deal with such daily task.

However frustrating the shortage of service is please understand a few things. This organization was started by someone just like you and I. An ordinary woman that owned local cleaning service that saw a way she could lend her organizing abilities and her companies resources to help other women who really needed it. This organization is really very young and though it has hundreds of companies who participate, it will take a long time to build it to the size that it will need to be to meet all of the need that exist. When I read some of the angry post it hurt because I thought, after all I personally have sacrificed to provide free service for others, it seems that if you can't do "it all" than it will not be good enough. I don't believe that. We all have to do what we can and it will help, especially those many women who have been able to be helped. Just so you all know, many of the company partners I have met are small to medium sized cleaning companies, some are so small they even operate out of their home offices. For our companies size and financial resources we are only able to service 2 women at a time. I know there is so much more need, but we feel we can at least do what we are able to and others will hopefully follow our example.

As for the charge that companies participate only to seem to be philanthropist and brag on their websites, I really don't think that is the case. It cost us directly about 75% or more of the cost we would charge just in the payroll, taxes, material, and vehicle expense we cover to be able to provide services for free. My suspision is that that couple hundred or more a month we donate would probably pay for a lot of advertising if we really were looking at it from that angle. Really, how many people even look at my website to see we participate? I don't know, but it isn't much. Yes, we do want to be good community partners and we do want to engage ourselves and our employees in the cause, but it's not for show, and it does make a difference in a lot of lives. Incidentally, many of the people that work at the Cleaning for a Reason office are volunteers and they have very few paid staff, and let me tell you, when I do talk to them you can tell they are hopping as fast as they can. Us partners pay a very modest monthly fee to support the foundation and it goes directly to the basics.

I am doing what I can to spread the word to other cleaning service owners so hopefully more will learn about the foundation and choose to participate. I know the Cleaning For a Reason founder spends a lot of her time in supporting and encouraging more companies to join up and make a difference. All of us women can spread the word to other companies of this great opportunity they have to support the women in their community. Definately not a scam, but do we need more partners to help all of the beautiful women who are waiting for service, YES we do! Spread the word to the companies in your area ladies.

New Flower
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Nobody on this board was able to received any cleaning services. It is nice to know that somebody whom we never met have gotten it

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I am currently in chemo. I filled out my form as suggested by my Cancer Center. I've heard nothing. Nearly finished my chemo treatments. Too little, too late! It would have been nice to have received this service. Chemo is hard!!!! I wanted to add my thoughts since it seems Cleaning for a Reason is looking at this post.

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I had to go to the web site several times before I could get on to it, where they then proceeded to take all my personal info. It wasn't until after they got the info that I was made aware they don't have any services in my area but they do have them in the next town over from me. Very disappointed!! I agree, it gets your hopes up that this may be one less thing you have to worry about while dealing with cancer and then find out there is not a chance of getting help. I was told to check back monthly, as if....I don't think they should be advertising out there unless they can accomodate the clients. Cancer takes away so much from our lives, this just adds another dimension to the loss.

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It's a great idea, but not enough cleaning services sign up.

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Wanted to let you know that last year when my sister was going thru her chemo, she had her home cleaned three or four times by Cleaning for a Reason. NOW that I need it, they are completely booked in our area. Because I am ONLY going thru radiation, I may not have enough of breast cancer to actually qualify. Just found out last week that the ONCO-DX test indicated I do not need chemo. Yippee, so I'll probably continue to have a dusty house!

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I am reluctant to even share this but after reading the many posts on this board and others from cancer victims I feel compelled to share my experience with Cleaning for a Reason from a cleaning service perspective.

One thing is true, Cleaning for a Reason is a legitimate organization, paper work filed, volunteers, and all that jazz, blah blah blah.

While it does do some good, it excels at its main purpose. It is a PR machine for the consultant that founded it and her consultant friends she placed on the board. They all do business together and shamelessly use Cleaning For a Reason to promote their businesses.

Dig a little deeper and you will also see her husband serves on the board, along with her best friend and one of her actual employees. Not much for over sight of the actions of the board. There are a few others on the board that do not profit from the industry, but they donate money to the organization.

I talked with someone that used to be on the board that was “asked to step down” and she said no one can even disagree with the founder without her husband nearly threatening them, very intimidating.

It is the cleaning service owners that do the real good, donating free cleanings and pay for it out of their own pocket most do it for the right reasons, but many others sign up just to get the logo on their marketing digs.

My cleaning service used to be in it and paid the $25 a month for the privilege of giving our services away. I don’t do it anymore; I prefer to do “good” on my own. I have tried to raise questions about this but lordy let me tell ya, you don’t want to bad mouth the group they will come down on you like the plague.

I wish more would speak out and tell the truth about this to all of the maid services that try so hard and give so much to make it work. None of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars they take in goes to the cleanings, where does all of that money go? No one knows.

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I had a wonderful experience with Cleaning for a Reason!! I went to the website and found they had service in my area. After filling out the online form, I had my cancer center fax confirmation that I was a patient. (The online instructions are very clear and easy to follow.)The next afternoon, I had a call from Merry Maids to schedule a cleaning. This was in Feb 2012. Each month through May, 2 ladies came and worked for 2 hours doing what I requested on a priority list. I'm very grateful to them and to the local Merry Maids for providing me with a very great and welcomed service.


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There are some fundemental problems with Cleaning for a Reason. The cleaning services that are members are not pad at all by C4R and in fact pay to be members, a little over $300 a year. This is one of the reasons there are not that many cleaning services on board. Cleaning is not a high profit business and these small business owners cannot afford to give away too much for free.

The other issue is the people recieving the service do not realize that the person cleaning for them is literally Paying to do it. Not only are they giving their time they are actually donating money to cover the costs of the organization. This leads to some real problems becuase the client does not understand this and often gets upset becuase the client feels like the service it taking "cancer money" (actual phrase used more than once to me by a client) and this the service should go above and beyond since they are taking money that could have been used for other types of cancer treatment and research. The service owner is actualy giving away money every time he or she cleans and thus has to limit how long they can stay and how much they can give away to a few hours at a time. All sorts of conflicts happen due to this fundemental misunderstanding. Angie above mentions that she got 4 hours of cleaning. Someone with a larger house who thinks the service is getting "foundation money" does not understand why a service has to cap their hours at 4. When it comes down to people calling off sick and a service owner has to pick between the paying client and the person they are paying to clean the C4R client will almost always lose which makes sense when you know what is going on. If the client knew the cleaning service was giving away their labor they may be more understanding that paying clients have to come first to keep the doors open and thus being able to provide the free services. But when the client thinks the cleaning service is getting "foundation money" and they are bumped they get VERY upset. Eventually the service owner gets tired of being yelled at by people he or she is cleaning for free and just walks away from the whole thing. It is a good idea but the fact that the cleaner is recieving no compensation needs to be much more upfront so everyone understands what is happening here.

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