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Full body bone scan in am.

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Tomorrow morning I go for a full body bone scan and this is the most nervous I have been about getting any results back. The results of this determine my choices for treatment options and so far I don't like either of the options that have been run past me... hoping that the bone scan shows less involvement than they are anticipating.

Woke up this morning feeling down, then looked out my bedroom window at sunshine, beautiful snow capped mountains, called up girlfriends and went to brunch at a restaurant along a rushing stream. Changed my whole outlook.. wore my wig, we decided I am Chantal with the wig (a little more sassy), got sunburned on my hairless arms, sat and talked for a couple of hours about everything normal, no cancer! and came home feeling rejuvenated.

Hoping that this feeling carries over through Wednesday when I meet with the Doctor. Wish me luck and prayers for better options!


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your way, Carol. It is so scary, I know. I'm due for my 2nd breast MRI in June. I had one in December--and I'm hoping and praying there is no change. I have a huge amount of scar tissue from lumpectomy--so there's a "new normal" appearance that we're again looking for.

I love your positive attitude adjustment. I try to do the same thing and so admire those of us who are able to do the same. Yes, we're initially scared, but then, being the warriors we are, something makes us pause, reflect and fight on--for a good outcome.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for the perfect result.

Hugs, Renee

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Prayers, wishing luck, prayers, hugs, positive energy, prayers, fingers and toes crossed, and prayers. Katz

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Sounds like you had a really beautiful day! Wishing you luck today Carol and praying for you.

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So glad you had a chance to enjoy a beautiful day and take your mind off your worries for a while. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for a good outcome on Wednesday.
Hugs, Linda

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be heading down you way tomorrow a.m. (San Diego area, right?). I'll be driving, so I will have to turn in early tonight .. Coffee, bagels, cream cheese have been packed and ready for our trip.

I will be the Sister in PINK, Carol pacing back and forth during your procedure - while whispering .. Strength, Courage and Hope.

Prayers and gentle hugs,

Vicki Sam

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ugh .. triple post

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Praying for you Carol.

Hugs, Debby

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Prayers, positive thoughts, hugs and lots of good luck!


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Prayers coming your way, Carol. I hope the bone scan shows the less involvement you are hoping for. Sounds like you had a nice outing today.

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I am glad that you had a good day! I will be there tomorrow with the other Kindreds--don't ever doubt it. I'm bringing my cafe au lait and beignets. ;-)

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I love it! Shows that even faced with what we're all dealing with, some more than others, a sense of humor still resides...
Carol, my prayers are with you.... Feel our presence with you....think of us beating back the beast , along side of you...

Hugs. ((((()))))

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Anything like this has to be scary! I am praying for your peace and contentment, and for good results! Be sure to let us know.


New Flower
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Good luck tomorrow. Everything will be ok.
I am glad that you have had a wonderful day!
New Flower

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It is nice to hear you had a great day today. Sunshine and fresh air along with friends is a good way to get rejuvenated. I will be there with you tomorrow "holding your hand". I will send along positive energy for the good results you deserve.


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Miss Murphy
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thougths and prayers going out to you right now and all thu Wednesday. Stay strong.

Hugs, Sally

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Carol you are amazing. I am jumping on the Pink bus because I too want to be there. I'm sending loving thoughts and prayers to you, Good Luck my friend...


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I love how you turned your day around & ended up enjoying it. You have a wonderful outlook on things Carol :) I had a full body bone scan a few months back & was scared too. The scan itself wasn't bad, the dye injection didn't bother me at all, and I was told to call my Dr. office back 2 days after that for my results. Thankfully it came back normal. But i know how awful it can be to wait on any type of test results. Sending you lots of big hugs & good mojo.

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So glad to hear how you had the presence of mind to turn your day around!! Here's a Big ((HUG)) for you will you ere take g the test... And waiting on the results Wednesday. Bless you

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Sweet Carol! You know I will be praying for you and thinking only good thoughts!

You amaze me how you turned how afraid you are into making a beautiful day today. I am so happy for you that you got out and had some fun and truly enjoyed your Sunday. You so deserve a lifetime of beautiful days!

I will be praying for good results for you this week.

Sue :)

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and had a "normal" day. It's just so nice to get out with good friends, especially on a beautiful day.

We can all relate to the stress of having to have tests. I'm praying for you that your scan comes back clean!



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full body scan, of course you're scared!!

Sending you positive energ for good results.


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm sending that luck you asked for...sunshine, good food, and good conversation with good friends...sounds like a great way to spend the day Chantal!



Lynn Smith
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I wish for a good result with your bone scan.Thinking and praying for you today.

Nice that you had a fun day with your friends.I bet all of you did nothing but laugh and of course eat.

Best wishes to you,
Lynn Smith

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Started at 8a got home at 4p. They couldn't get the port to work it is blocked, so they poked til they got a vein 1hr and 15 minutes later they were able to radio-activate me! Hopefully the infusion nurse will know what to do. Then to the DMV to replace my lost DL, I was Chantel in the picture:))
Then back for the scans, then rads (an hour behind due to med emergency!) Due to swelling in my left leg, the RO who was working ordered an ultra sound and ruled out a clot. It was a full day.

Came home and the results were on-line, not a clean scan, which is what was expected, but now will get the results on Wednesday from my MO, and Thursday from the RO! Hopefully they will come up with some additional options at the tumor board Wednesday morning. I would hate to do another round of this Chemo when full body bone scan confirmed new tumors! ie the current chemo is ineffective on bone tumors!

Thank everyone of you for your support. I smiled when I was being scanned and thought of all the support and strength that we gather and give on this board! Now it is time for a nice long soak!

Hugs to all,

Lynn Smith
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Take a nice hot bubble bath and relax.Sounds like you had a very tiring stressful day.I did the same thing today. It relieved my tension and stress.

Thank You for the update. You're in our thoughts and prayers.They will find something for you.

Lynn Smith

Marsha Mulvey
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It was a long day for you! I'm very sorry that you didn't get better results. You mentioned your current chemo doesn't work on bone mets. Have you had Zometa? That's what they treat me with (plus traditional chemo). The good news here is that the spots on my bones are still visible but have been stable for about a year now, no growth and no new areas! I have another scan in the morning to see how everything looks. Regardless of which treatment they choose for you, I hope you get good results too. Best wishes.

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Yes, I just switched to Xgeva from the Zometa 3 weeks ago. It has had the same success but not all the side effects. I had the worse leg pains on Zometa. I was pretty sure that there would be new growth because of the increased pain, and there is. The chemo may be effective as the cancer has not spread to my organs, and it may have slowed down growth in the bones they don't know for sure, but the fact that there is new growth lends the RO to believe it is not effective enough in slowing the growth of the cancer.
I am really curious to see what my MO has to say in the morning. They don't always recommend the same things, which I like as I have 2 real opinions!

I really hope you get good news on your tests this morning. This is such an unpredictable disease!!

Thinking of you as you are testing and wishing you continued good results.

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Praying for good results for all of you.

Hugs, Angie

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I loved the way you turned your day around - I am usually able to do that as well but, it isn't always that easy...you will be in my thoughts and prayers as well...I recently had a bone and cat scan - both found inderterminate areas that my doctor wants to further investigate with an x-ray and MRI - I go today - good luck to us both!!!

Lynn Smith
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Best wishes to both of you.Hope they find just what you need and will successfully treat it.
You both are in our thoughts and prayers.

I always knew bc can spread to the bone but never realized how many have that happen till on this Board.My friend and classmate was dx with bone mets 12 years after her dx. Her twin was going to give her bone marrow but she never was well enough.

Lynn Smith

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Thank You, Chedd3.
I will be praying for you, too. Hopefully the MRI will give a clearer picture. I am glad that they are now doing MRI's and Bone Scans so they have an accurate base for future comparisons.

Good luck today and let me know how it comes out.

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Praying for all of you pink sisters!

Hugs, Jan

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