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ovarian that spread to bone

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Hello,I writing about a friend.Just wanting to know how well tolerated chemo is with bone involvement.Anyone know the best place to star looking for resources.Will she need a gyno onc? She does not have all her info from her scans etc so not sure if bowels are also involved.Anyone else here have this in the bones or organ involvement.She is under 50 and was quit active but lost nearly 40#s so is very weak and fatigued.Thank you for any help.Stay strong and keep up the fight ladies.Hugs,Michele Dx95 FNHL3

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I would think your friend should see her gyn/onc who treated her before. I don't know anyone with bone involvement but she should handle chemo the same. I am not sure if radiation is also used. If there is a bowel issue she may need more surgery. God bless you and your friend ...val

Cindy Bear
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Hi. Just wanted to say hello and sorry about your friend. It's rare to have bone mets with ovarian cancer. Unless it's clear cell or a different primary cancer altogether(at least that's what I've read in my research) I guess all she can do is wait for the scan results and talk to dr. Is she a candidate for surgery?
Good luck and hugs to her and you!

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Truly appreciate any help.I'm clueless with this.Her onc said he can't believe she not in falling down pain from the cancer in the bones.Will get all her results tomorrow she said.Will check back.God bless,Michele Dx95 FNHL3

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My mom had ovarian cancer in the bones.. It is rare, but it does happen indeed. She wasn't falling down at all either. I will be thinking about your friend.

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