Update on rubyrose, long term survival of erbitux cetuximab?

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Has anyone had the drug erbitux cetuximab? If so would be interested in hearing about it and survival rates.

My husband has bowel cancer with secondary liver mets, diagnosis July 2010. He had ten treatments of folfox July to December 2010 with reduction to large tumours in liver by half. Had Portal Vein Embolisation that didn't work. Second PVT had to be aborted due to tumour in the way. When having scans and pet scan, tumours in liver had increased in size and there were new ones. Bowel cancer also increased. 16 May 2011. My husband now back on chemo folfiri to shrink the tumours and we have had appts with second opinion surgeons at RPA, Sydney who are hoping to do bowel surgery first, then liver in two stages all around August/September this year. The worry we have that while waiting for surgery after chemo, tumours will grow again. It is good to read stories of survival for many years, some with spread to lungs as well. We have been told to get our affairs in order, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. He recently had neutropenia and was in hospital for five days, is now on reduced folfiri. May also have erbitux cetuximab which is supposed to have three times more success in reducing tumours. Waiting for KRAS test to see if he's eligible. Would be interested to hear those that have been in similar situations.