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Black Cumin Oil

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It is now 3 weeks after my surgery, lost 10 pounds of cancer, 1/3 of colon, left side and 7 cm of rectum and I am doing very well I think. I was cut open from breastbone to all the way below. Healing very well. All 8 lymphnodes taken came back clean and the cancer has not gone to any of te organs, so far, I was told
Lucky enough I woke up without a stoma bag. I might have a bout with radiation to mop up any cancer cells left behind.
Has anyone any experience with Black Cumin Oil capsules? It is a antitoxant.I read about it on line when I was searching for essiac tea.
Gods blessings to all.

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I am glad to hear you are doing well post surgery and things look clear!
I will google black cumin oil, as I am always looking into supplements and anything holistic. Hope you found the info on essiac tea that you were looking for. I might suggest also doing a search on pau d'arco tea while you're in the research mode.

Hugs to you-

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I'm glad you're doing well!


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Great news, take care of yourself.
Hugs, Judy

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Thanks Lisa,Gail and Judy for the blessings and wishes. I feel so lucky so far. Yes I like to try the Holistic way. The Essiac tea stated not to take if gastro intestinal disorders.
I keep on looking.

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