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Update on George

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Well I'm home now but George is still in the hospital. Oncologist visited with us this afternoon at the hospital and it was decided to keep him until most likely Monday. Since he is already there it is best to keep him there and get things under control.

It does not appear cancer spread causing trouble but the diarrhea. George feels good, color is back, appetite is good so of course he wanted to be released but did agree that as long as he is already there, best to stay rather than be released only having to come back again.

He also tested negative for the C-Diff infection so he is now in a regular room, not an isolation room. X-rays did not show infection and such. They are doing tons of blood tests and work ups.

Once oncologist said he is not going anywhere until things are under control George did agree. He is so tired of going to the bathroom 15 plus times per day with most of the time having no control at all.

That's about it.

Thanks all - Tina

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I'm glad to hear George is doing better- still praying that all will get under control. Hopefully you can rest better tonight.

Hugs to you-

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That is wonderful news.

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I am glad George is doing better. I am sorry he has to stay in the hospital, but it sounds like the best place for him right now.

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Whew! Sorry about all the trouble, but it does sound like things are looking up. Please tell him I'm praying for both of you.


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It sounds right for George to stay in the hospital a bit longer. I hope that things continue to improve. I'm thinking of you Tina. I know it is hard when our husbands are having such a tough time.


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Hope a very soon recovery, praying for that!.

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Hi Tina, It's so nice to hear that George is doing better. It sounds like he's has a good doctor, so I'm sure that he'll be back home in no time. Best wishes, Cynthia

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I am so happy to know that George's condition is under control. I hope he will come home very soon.

Have a good rest and take care of yourself!
Love Dora

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Thanks for the update Tina.

When I was having out of control diarraeah with my ileostmy...my surgeon did a radial (i guess ) treatment of tincutre of opium. I had to do drops 1x a day plus lomotial. It really slowed my bms and made solid to the point it was difficutl to vlean my bag. It's what helped me fianlly gain weight and have surgery.

May be something to ask the doc.


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Hi Tina,
Thanks for the info about the webinar. I am relieved that George was OK. Not that using the bathroom 15 times a day is OK, but testing negative to C-diff and no cancer spread causing the diarreah is a great thing.

I know it's scary whenever our loved ones are admitted into the hospital. Chris gets fevers every now and then and it scares the ?%$# out of me. We pray for no infection in the port, no C-Diff, No MRSA, No Cancer spread, No obstruction Etc.

I hope you get some rest tonight.


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tina dasilva
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I'm so happy hear that George is doing well hugs Tina

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Keeping you both in my prayers..


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I hope he gets to come home soon and that he feels much better

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