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Squamous Cell

hopeful girl 1
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Hi all.

I had a biopsy on my chest for a spot that I had that wouldn't go away for about 5 weeks-I actually thought it was a zit. I went to my derm, thinking I would get some acne cream for it. They wanted to do a biopsy which came back squamous cell.

They had me come in for removal. They opted to do a further scaping of it to remove as they said it was pretty much equally effective and would less of a scar.
They did a second biopsy scrape to send in and then did the scraping removal. I think called cutterage and electro something or other-was the method. Well, I was not aware that they don't send the removal tissue to the lab.

So the second biopsy of course showed the skin cancer still, and then they removed it and feel confident they got it all. But I was shocked they didn't send that portion of tissue in so how do they know they got it all? That scares me as I am a cancer survivors stage 3 uterine-last chemo treatment Nov 2010, considered to be no evidence of disease thus far for that.

The 2nd biopsy report shows it extended to the central base of the specimin. So I just wonder how was the derm able to judge and know he got it all?

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My husband had the skin cancer removed by derm from the arm, back, face and other places. Telling him that he got it all, but at the end his cancer was on his head and all over his right side of his face. In my understanding, unfortunatly it came too late, derm are not the best people to deal with cancers. Eventually my husband had to go to oncology radiologist in order to stop the rapid spread. PLEASE go to oncologist ASAP. Good luck.

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I have had a rather large squamous cell removed from the right side of my head.
A skin graft was put in place running from my eye all the way behind my ear and is also 2 1/2 inches high, this was a lot larger then they expected. This tumor grew over a period of just under six months, was first thought to be only minor (I had second opinion also that was not concerned) the cancer was following the nerves and now they want to do radiation.
Could you tell me what you have done with the radiation??? I am concerned that the side effects may be as bad or worst then taking the chance. Please tell me your opinion.

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
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Developed a second spot basal, so today I had Mohs surgery on both the first squamous spot and the second basal spot right nearby on my chest.

Margins are now clear, they stitched me up, and I go back in a week and have new tapes put over the stitches which I will wear for another week, and then I believe I can take off myself.

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