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Leaks due to leg bag tube dislodging from urostomy bag

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My significant other is having trouble with the Hollister 18423 urostomy pouch coming apart at the connection to the tube of a Hollister 5174 urinary leg bag. She prefers wearing the leg bag all the time to reduce trips to bathroom. The connectors can separate at night while turning in bed or during the day just doing normal everyday activities. We've tried shortening, lengthening and repositioning the tube. Also tried to use various tapes to secure the connection but it continues to come apart every couple days. The bags and leg bag tube are replaced regularly. She uses the provided straps which should hold everything in place.

Does anyone have a suggestion to help? Is there another company that makes a similar type of system that might stay together better?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi yeloston:

I have had my urostomy since June 30, 2010 and have never had one of my tubes come apart, either with a leg bag, or with the night drainage bag that I use for overnight. The company's name is ConvaTec Ostomy Care. 1-800-422-8811. If you are interested I can also supply you with the item numbers of the products I use. If you contact ConvaTec they will probably send you samples of their products.

I order my supplies through National Rehabilitation. Sorry to hear you are going through these difficulties. Leaks are never pleasant. I have had my share over the last 10 or so months, but nothing like you're experiencing. Once you are able to get a product that works for you, then I believe your life will be a lot more settled and manageable.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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Hello! I have had a urostomy for five years. I'm having problems with skin irritation due to the adhesive used in my current system. I am going to try switching to Convatec (from Hollister). I can't find a leg bag that is compatible with Convatec. Can you help me?

Thank you,

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The Convatec connectors between the night bag and the urostomy are mechanically better than
the Holister.
However, ALL the mfg'rs of the night bags provide them with a hose that is too short to
place at the center of the foot of the bed.

You need to puchase an extention or the relative size hose from the hardware store to make an extention with 1 of the 2 connectors provided in each box of pouches.
( for convatec the hose size is 5/16" Inside Diameter )

Hang the night bag inside a bucket or plastic small garbage pail and place the bucket
on the floor at the foot of the bedin line with where your feet are in bed.
this will save the carpet from any accidental leaks from the night bag.

The hose extension should be made long enough to just reach the bottom of your pillow from the night bag's location at the foot of the bed.
When connected to the urostomy pouch, this gives you about 1 ft. of slack in the hose and
allows you to turn from side to side in bed without pulling the hose connectections apart.

I have used this method for 22 years without issues and I am a person that turns from side to side alot during the night.

When I turn, I unconsciously grab hold of the hose below the pouch connection to ensure the hose is not caught beneath me or my partner and that the entire hose flips to my other side as I turn

Having the night drain bag at the foot of the bed means that the urostomy pouch remains
drained regardless of which side I sleep on

With respect to a leg bag .....get rid of it ..... use a larger pouch.
For me , a leg bag has always felt like I had full diaper attached to my leg ...awkward !!!

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Not much to add here but I did want to say reading the question and the responses has been helpful. My wife has a new urostomy (due to bladder removal after surgery for urethral cancer) and seeing this info is valuable! We use hollister products and we do put tape around the tube connector and the bag connector at night to prevent any leaks (we use waterproof tape--it is pretty strong, it seems). I will keep checking this topic for other comments related to urostomy's. Not much else out there about this specific issue (urostomy) or the products for it.


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Thank you u4art for helping me with the longer extention. I do use convatec supplies and like them, but I have been using a two piece system which allowed me to turn my bag toward the side of the bed that I wanted to and the short hose wasn't a problem. But after 11 months of this process I have decided to go to a one piece system and that does not allow me to turn the bag as it is where it is and that's it. So, thanks to your reply earlier in the thread, I called convatec and they supplied me with a 5 foot extention tube which comes with the proper connections at each end. Added to the couple of feet hose that comes with the bag, that adds up to about 7 to 8 feet of hose. Tonight will be the third night I've used the bag at the bottom of the bed and I find it better than having it at the side. It is giving me more freedom than I used to have.

You got me when you said it has worked for you for 22 years. Now we all know it's not necessary to re-invent the bicycle, so why change something that has worked for all of those years. Thanks again for the info u4art and keep the advice coming. I will have my one year urostomy anniversary on June 30, 2011 and find that it does get better.

C U,

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