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Keeping vigil and lighting the candle

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Today Steve moved towards the end of his journey here, the house was lit with candles for when those that wanted to come and pay their last respects, would find the peaceful atmosphere that we have in these past days.

Seizures continue and he floats between two worlds now.

Many times they wanted me to put him in the unit, I told them never to ask me that again, we have come too far to not grant his wishes. we have good nurses around us day and night, they say he has days left.

I want to thank all those who have supported us in so many ways and I will try to recall all the good advice over the next few days

Peace to you from our home to yours


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I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. May God enfold you both in the mantle of His love.


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tanker sgv
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Know that we are all there in spirit with you. May the peaceful serinity continue to fill your home. You are a strong loving women, you are doing what he wants. We are always here for you to vent. May the Angeles be with u and Steve

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Peace to you, Lyndsey, and I will light a candle today for Steve.


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Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to help you through this last phase. Fay

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All these years, I kept collecting votive candles and now I know why - we've had quite a few candle-lit nights in the last few months. We will send blessings your way and prayers for a peaceful transition.

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Lyndsey. We are all here for you and Steve during this transition phase. My thoughts and prayers are with you both at this time. May peace prevail in your home.

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Lyndsey, You know I am thinking of you and Steve. I think you have handled this with so much grace. I ask god to grace peace to you and Steve.
Your friend always

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For continued peace in this phase of Steve's journey.

Keeping the vigil with you.

Hugs to you, Lyndsey.

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Lyndsey I will light a candle and keep vigil with you and yours during this transition.


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Tina Blondek
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Hello Lyndsey and Steve
May God be with you both and bless you today, tonight, and always. You know it is your time to go home. You are doing a beautiful job of going peacefully. You both know when the time comes and enough is enough. May your passing be as peaceful as you both are. Lyndsey...keep in touch. Hugs.
Tina in Va

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