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Letting Go

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We all sat around Mom's hospital bed tonight as she moaned in pain. I spoke the hardest words I have ever spoken...I whispered in her ear, "It's okay to let go, Mom. It's okay to go see Aunt Clara."

The cat is snuggled up next to her on her bed and will not leave her side. As much as I don't want this moment to come, I hope she goes soon. I HATE watching her confused and in pain. I really do hope there is a heaven that provides her with a new body free of pain.

I hope that letting her know it's okay to let go gives her comfort about dying whether it be tonight or in a month.

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I am so sorry for what you are going through. Just know that everyday is a gift from god and that when shes gone god needed to bring her home. i am sorry for your pain.

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My mom died 30 years ago from pancreatic cancer. I will never forget the moment of relief that I felt when the lord took her. Yes, it was so sad, but it was a joyous moment that she was finally out of pain and in peace with the Lord. My father died suddenly at home alone. I feel like I was cheated of that feeling with him. You will be in my prayers - Cherish every moment

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Glenna M
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Saying goodbye and letting go are the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life. My brother was in hospice and we all knew the end was near so one night as we were leaving (his 4 sisters and my daughter) we all took turns talking to him privately, telling him how much we loved him and talking about all the good times we had shared together. At the end of our conversations with him we each told him it was okay to let go, we understood if he had to go. We received a call the next morning that he had passed peacefully in his sleep and we all believe that he was ready to go, he was just waiting to make sure that we were okay. It didn't lessen the pain of losing him but we all felt better knowing he was no longer suffering and that he was with mom and dad and our other brother.

I'm so sorry that the end is near, I know how hard losing a mother is but please know that she will always be in your heart. Cherish the good times and be assured that telling her it's okay to let go has brought her great comfort.

I will include you and your mother in my prayers.

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It is a difficult thing to watch someone we love so much, suffer so. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and I pray for God's touch on your mother.

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I'm sorry to hear how difficult this must be for all of you...I too watched my father die when I was 19 years old and my mother die when I was 46 years old-I was there for both of them when they took thier last breath and I can tell you the first thing I felt was relief, for them and for myself that the suffering was over...I can also tell you both times I saw a wave of peace come over their faces when they died, now this may be my perception but I truly beleive they were met on "the other side" and I will be with them eventually.

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