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Could really use a miracle, a hug, and some advice (in that order)

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Hi there: I'm a thirty-year-old who is caregiving for my mom. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer, with Brain Mets, in July 2010. It was very unexpected. She went through emergency brain tumor removal surgery and treatment that was so aggressive (whole head radiation, followed by simultaneous chest radiation plus weekly chemo), she was incapacitated. She went to rehab after treatment and picked up a C. Diff. infection. She has been in hospice house since the first week of march, and has made a huge turn-around. This is wonderful, but I don't know where to go from here.

She needs full-time care. She cannot return to her two-story home. She cannot live with me, as there is no room for medical equipment. She doesn't qualify for medicare (too young) or medicaid (makes over 2K/month in disability). 2K a month does not come close to covering private care for her.

I am her sole caregiver. I've lost my job and am greatly in debt due to caring for her. My husband's income can't support us. I'm just at a loss. Does anyone know of any resources that can help us? I've looked online, and have had no luck. We're really between a rock and a hard place.

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If you can give her age and state, u can get a better resopnce. Don't make the same mistakes I did, and just struggle through. Do u have ihss in your county, some health provides offer med finance assit, or copay breaks? Try dhs.gov or united way for info on options avalibale, also contact a medical social worker. As a caregiver we advocate for our family, but we must remember there r people to advocate for us. Keep up the good work

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She is 62, and we are in FL. Thanks for the leads!

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You will not be the first one presenting this story and they have access to and information about resources that may be helpful to you.

Remember volunteer agencies exist in most cities. Don't fail to look into them.


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