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Hospice versus "giving up"

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I was sad to read the news:

"Harmon Killebrew announced Friday that he no longer plans to fight his esophageal cancer and has settled in for the final days of his life, saddening friends and fans of the 74-year-old Hall of Fame slugger."

But sadder to read the Yahoo link for it: "Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew gives up fight against cancer."

He's not giving up - he is planning to maximize the quality of his life under hospice care. Each additional day he's alive, the score is +1 for him, 0 for cancer.

(I also posted this on the HNC board.)

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Your post is an example of thoughtful eloquence...there is a Lou Holtz quote I keep close to mind "Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity."
In your case I would change but one word...I would change done to said...your thoughts and words regards cancer and hospice care speaks volumes...your wisdom comes not just from thinking, it comes from knowing...Elizabeth

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on this subject as I have been very outspoken. The media paints a very sad picture of hospice and of a person's passing, when sometimes that is the best option available. I wonder how many people keep fighting the good fight as it were and end up losing time with their families because of the "never give up death is bad" attitude. Each person walks their own path, and as one who watched someone walk to meet death on his own terms, I have nothing but respect for anyone who chooses to end life on their terms.

It is not an easy decision. I despise how the media paints it as an awful thing when it's the best gift anyone with terminal cancer could have. As much as I wish for a cure, I wish for understanding that cancer is a personal thing and each choice is a personal one, hospice included.

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I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed here. My husband both fought the good fight and chose hospice. It's about timing and quality of life. Each must choose their own path. Hospice is wonderful and very supportive of the entire family. Fay

coping in CA
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I am glad you shared this. I will be facing these decisions for my wife probably sooner than later. I do not believe death is the end, but it is still so incredibly difficult to accept.

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But in the end she opted for what my sister and I thought would be best for all three of us. Thanks for sharing I myself thought hospice would be bad, but the truth it helps us all deal with the next phase.


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