Chemo Drugs for Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer

lorisoto Member Posts: 14
Hello everyone - Can everyone tell me what kind of Chemo drugs they have been given that have been successful in a way. I'm getting ready to start chemo again with Taxotere and I would like to know of other drugs that can be used. I can't have any of the cisplatins anymore and I've been denied all clinical trials drugs. I was diagnosed on April 2010 with SCLC and just went 3 months without any chemo only radiation to the tumors in my lungs and in my brain. That was some what successful but just found a tumor in my left adrenial gland, and small new tiny lessions in my brain after gamma knife.
Thank you for your help


  • angelyn
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    My mom has small cell also, and she went 7 months before it came back. She is taking Carboplatin and Eptoside this time around. She barely squeaked by on the time frame that let her get the platin drug again. I don't think that she will be able to do radiation either. I'm surprised that if you went over 6 months after chemo that they were not able to give you some form of the same drugs that you took the first time. Sorry I'm not more helpful.